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Comic Pierre: ‘What great sex will make you do’ and #ATLOrgy

Comic Pierre (Photo Source: Instagram/@comicpierre)

Comic Pierre (Photo source: Instagram/@comicpierre)

Well-known actor and comedian Pierre Edwards, aka Comic Pierre, recently spoke with rolling out about great sex and the #ATLOrgy. You may know his face from hit movies such as Dre Mitchell in For Da Love of Money, 2001: A Space Travesty, How to Be a Player, and B*A*P*S. He had few things to say about what great sex will make you do” and the #ATLOrgy:

Great sex can make you …

Lie: There have been people who will have sex with someone and it’s so good they won’t even tell the other person they have a spouse, h— not even a family! They’ll tell the person they are CFO at a company when they really [are] a CFH, custodial for hire.

Spend money you know you don’t have: You out spoiling your partner with Wine and Fresh Fruit for dinner and yo kids home whining eat Fruit loops for dinner!

Do foolish stuff like: Let him use yo car while you catch the bus to work, wash his dirty drawers with your delicates, not go to yo family reunion so you can watch his son play in a basketball tournament.

Cut her grass while it’s raining.

Have you watch shows on TV you’d never watch: The OWN network all day and telling them how much you like the stuff on there.

Renew that gym membership: People looking at you in the gym like they’ve seen a ghost when you walk in, talking bout “I ain’t seen you a month of Sundays” and you lying talking about “I’ve been meaning to get back in the gym, I had a few health issues”

And last but not least great sex can and will make you have multiple orgasms.

What are your thoughts on #AtlOrgy and hostess Cidney G?

So I’ve heard about this event called #AtlOrgy. Speaking from a man who traveled the world, i.e.: Amsterdam, Brazil, South Africa, Paris, etc: I have seen many things pertaining to sex. For one thing, America is very closed-minded when it comes to sex and sexuality many labeling it sinful unless married. Don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing at this point. Because now that we’re been closed-minded for so long anything outside of the normal will be met with a huge resistance, h— homosexuality is just now being embraced by the majority of the people and many feel that is a sin as they do with having multiple sex partners. I never believe multiple partners was the problem I think the irresponsibility of the participants was, where the problem lies is no different than guns, guns in the hands of responsible people (license carrying) are OK, it’s when irresponsible people get their hands on them is where the problem can occur. This notion that it’s like meeting a person at a club and having sex with them is way off center. If you put people in a situation where someone who is not responsible can enter and cause harm i.e.; an STD to many people in an area, then we have a problem, if it’s one on one sex at one location i.e.; your car, club, house etc and you get an STD you know where to pinpoint the source and can go through the proper channels to warn the public but at an orgy it’s not about sex with one person, if that’s the cause for the $100-175 [ticket], you can take a motherf—– out and good chances you might get some sex if not the first date, the next one.

Catch Pierre: [email protected] and on his YouTube series: DatingPierre