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  • nosey rosy

    the gown is nice but that child is too young to be wearing this to a prom, or even a wedding she is how old? this is how ghetto her moma is to allow this new orleans finest hoodies , this is why a lot of people dislike toya wright she seems to be comfortable exhbiting hood behavior , and find no problem that both her hood brothers were killed selling dope if she want anything more for her daughter she need to start letting her be a girl and not a woman this early because once she start acting like a full grown woman , she will not respect her own self, , this dress screams sexual maturity , this is something ashanti , beyonce and rehianna could wear and be understood , but a child at a prom? in this dress???? and lil wayne sure aint no compass for fatherhood for any of his kids god only knows what his boys will be like . rappers? omg .
    toya is pure trashy for this move. iwonder why school dont take an active roll in monitering the gowns girls will be wearing to proms . they just need to have a committee to decide on what can and cant be worn.. this dress is super cute but inappropriate for prom and a child her age to have on . sexy and revealing is not prom like

    • MarMia

      Agreed! The dress is very inappropriate for a teenager.

    • Kiley Dash-West

      thats a little dramatic….however i think its a beautiful gown…and its a little too lowcut for her age….other than that i think it covers everything that is needed to be…and its nude colored fabric lined on her body, so its not like shes wearing see through to skin..

      • nosey rosy

        dont you get it? its the illusion of skin, so a grown man sees this as nude, and suggestive , if she went out to a night club she would then see what i mean , men would be all over her and to seduce young boys at a prom???? i bet every eye was on that dress ,, even grown ass men at the PROM LORD WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO i look at toyas brothers both killed and that gives you a glimpse into her mind .lil wayne basically saved her from a house full of kids and a hood life . the only reason a lot of fans disliked her is she road the fame wagon ,and forgot to teach her daughter to be humble . she had good wayne money and didnt even help her poor family get out of deadly new orleans ,she had to know her brothers were in trouble . hoodrat

  • Michelle

    I think the dress is beautiful and classy. It’s not too revealing as I have seen dresses far worst. We have to remember that these are young women not children.

  • Kev Mac

    She should thank God she looks like her mama

  • Jennita Dennis-Price

    The gown is beautiful, but I think its to much for a high school young lady. I guess because of who her parents are, she can do that. I hope it doesn’t send the wrong message to others.

  • Ms.

    Disgusting. Anything from “Lil Wayne” sickens me.