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Black construction worker fired for objecting to co-workers’ Confederate flag


A Black man decided to speak out against co-workers who wore a Confederate flag at a construction site. The incident took place at the construction of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The Black construction worker, who wants to remain anonymous, took photos of the White construction workers who wore Confederate flag stickers on their hard hats. The Black construction worker found the stickers offensive. But when he complained to his employers at Superior Rigging and Erecting Company, he was terminated.

When Superior Rigging and Erecting Company were contacted, they claimed that the White workers who wore the Confederate flag stickers were not a part of their company and that multiple construction companies are currently on site. They also said the Black construction worker was fired because of low performance.

However, the Black construction worker will file a lawsuit for wrongful termination and is being supported by the NAACP. Other Black workers at the construction site have also complained, but nothing is being done to stop the use of Confederate symbols at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Georgia has a turbulent history when it comes to Confederate flag. The flag was used in Georgia in 1956 to promote segregation and White supremacy. It remained the official state flag until 2001. The Confederate flag has been known as a symbol of racism and was adopted by several southern states.

Following Dylan Roof’s terrorist attack on Blacks in Charleston, South Carolina, the Confederate flag began to garner more attention for it being a symbol of hate. Although the White construction workers are protected by the First Amendment, they should not be allowed to wear symbols that reinforce hatred.

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