Shekinah Jo carjacked and robbed

SMH Thank God #Shekinah is okay. Shame on the thieves who stole her car!

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In a now deleted Instagram post, Reality TV’s Shekinah Jo (@thatshekinah) shares a video of her gray BMW being stolen by thieves.

She writes in the post:

This sh*t is sooo sad some black boys stole my car!!! In Atlanta ga!!! Tonight if you see a gray BMW with dark tent please call 911!!!! But black lives matter!!! And this how our black people do it each other!!!! The boy pulled a gun and told me to get back!!! They took everything!!! My money may bank cards!!! Everything!!! I thank GOD I am alive!!!

We’re thankful she was not physically harmed.


Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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