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Fashion » Stylist Brian McPhatter gets BET Awards host Leslie Jones to dress up

Stylist Brian McPhatter gets BET Awards host Leslie Jones to dress up

Photo Credit: Mark Gunther Photography

Brian McPhatter didn’t start out as a celebrity wardrobe stylist, his beginnings were humble. He worked in retail. He’s always had a flair for style. And someone noticed. It was comedienne and influencer Leslie Jones of “Saturday Night Live” and the Ghostbusters reboot. Now, McPhatter travels the world with Jones, creating signature looks for his client and he’s loving every minute. He’s the first to admit that it hasn’t been easy building the Leslie Jones brand to a household name but it’s been a blast.

His friends call him “B,” and he has great ideas for Jones’ look as she takes control as BET Awards 2017 host.

What’s the process of styling Leslie Jones for this year’s awards show?
“She really wants to be herself. She’s not the type of person that likes to dress up all the time, so I have to sometime pin her down to get her to dress up. But she definitely wants to look good for her first awards show. I really want to focus on color so she can look vibrant throughout the show. She has this gorgeous skin tone so I really want to make it pop. She’s going to look amazing on the red carpet with the color that she’s wearing. She’s not going to do that many changes on the show because she really wants to focus on on being funny. She wants to be different.”

During the BET Awards red carpet pre-show, host Amanda Seales asked Jones about her look.
Jones answered, “It took a whole lot of pulling and tugging. I don’t know how to dress. I will tell you straight up. Brian takes care of me. I picked the color and he went and got the dress made.”

Jones stunned in a mint greet gown by Stello.

Check McPhatter out on Instagram: BMcStyle (@bmcstylez)

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