Blac Chyna is not worried about Rob Kardashian being around their daughter

Blac Chyna is not worried about Rob Kardashian being around their daughter
Photo credit: Instagram – @blacchyna

Blac Chyna is not worried about Rob Kardashian being around their daughter.

Although Chyna was granted a temporary restraining order against her former fiancé, following his social media tirade against her and her allegations that he had been violent towards her, she doesn’t believe he is a danger to their child, 7-month-old Dream.

Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom told “Entertainment Tonight,” “Chyna is not concerned about Dream being around Rob. She has said he’s a good father, there are nannies around when the baby is with him and she hasn’t had any reason to be concerned.

“We did not ask for the baby to be part of the restraining order … We just want him to stay away from her and to stop cybecyber bullying.”

However, in addition to being ordered to stay 100 yards away from Chyna, Rob has also been told that he cannot post pictures of their daughter to social media.

Last week Rob went on a social media tirade against Chyna, 29, where he posted explicit photos of her, accused her of being unfaithful and on drugs, and threatened to stop her from seeing their child.

In court documents filed by Chyna — who also has a 4-year-old son King Cairo with her ex-partner Tyga — to secure the restraining order, the beauty accused her former fiancé of being physically violent toward her, and recalled one instance in which he allegedly “punched” her and left her “terrified.”

Chyna stated in the documents, obtained by People magazine: “Rob was mad at me and he speaking poorly about me in front of me in front of my 4-year-old son, King Stevenson. When I told Rob that he could not speak about me in this way in front of the child, Rob exclaimed, ‘I can say whatever the f— I want!’

“I used my phone to call King’s father [Tyga]. Rob immediately grabbed my phone and punched me in the side knocking me to the ground where I landed on my hands and knees. Rob is 6-foot-2 and weighs 280 pounds. I am a petite woman and only 5-foor-2. Rob hurt me when he punched me. I was terrified and my legs were hurt. I was sore and had a hard time walking for days. I sent my son’s nanny a text that Rob hit me.”

Chyna then claims she locked herself in the bathroom to get away from Rob, 30, after he allegedly tore the hinges off her bedroom door in a rage.

She continued in the documents: “I immediately called for King’s nanny to help by taking my young son to another room after Rob punched me. I asked for her phone to document Rob’s abuse because he had taken my phone from me. I then ran to my bedroom and locked the door. Rob was so out of control that he tore the hinges off my bedroom door so I retreated to the bathroom and then hid in the closet in the bathroom after locking the bathroom door.”

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