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Marilyn Mosby dismisses dozens of cases in Baltimore dirty cop scandal

Recent shocking video of Baltimore Police Officer Richard Pinheiro allegedly planting bags of heroin at a crime scene was released by the Baltimore Public Defender’s Office. As a result of that video, the suspect who was arrested in January 2017 was released with all charges dropped.

Baltimore Police Officer Richard Pinheiro’s body cam footage showing him allegedly planting evidence (Image Source: screenshot image of video released by the Baltimore Public Defender’s office)

A weak narrative of Pinheiro’s defense of his actions caught on video soon emerged from police. Baltimore Police Commissioner Ken Davis stated to media outlet the Baltimore Sun, “To let that initial video that was released by the public defender’s office stand all by its lonesome, I think, doesn’t paint as clear of a picture as we would like to offer to the community right now.”

In addition, Davis has stated that the department is investigating whether Pinheiro and other officers were simply “re-creating” the discovery of the drugs at the crime scene.

Now it has been announced that at least 34 other cases that Officer Pinheiro has been involved with have been dismissed.

Marilyn Mosby, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, has stated that 34 cases will be dismissed while 77 are still being reviewed. Twelve other cases are moving forward. These cases not only involve Pinheiro but also at least two other officers he has worked with and who were seen on body cam video. “The credibility of those officers has now been directly called into question,” Mosby said during a press conference on Friday. “As I have stated before, it is incumbent upon us as prosecutors to be the ministers of justice and to do what’s right in the pursuit of justice over convictions, while simultaneously prioritizing public safety.”

Mosby went on to state that another 77 cases involving these officers are under review, including one incident that involved two arrests and the discovery of drugs at a traffic stop. Mosby indicated that there was a gap in the video before the drugs were discovered by officers. That separate case has been sent to Internal Affairs for investigation.


  1. nosey rosy on July 31, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    when i think about civil right pioneers people not afraid to use their power to make changes i think of this woman ,she has a family, and i know she has fears ,but so did martin luther ,, medgar evers , rosa park , rev white . and many others who stood for what is right . white folks really hate our legacy in america . and our legends she will save many lives and lively hoods .. by being a strong woman black woman ., say what you must , we have some powerful black women in america and they have guns drawn on racism and racist , ready to fight . . we dont need no donald trump help if we got more black women and men who will fight for our rights . . white man justiice says its ok to shoot a child in the back of the head , and say its a call to due , your serving and protecting us all ? lies god bless ms mobley she aint playing

    • SrAgri on August 8, 2017 at 11:37 am

      This story is not about Marilyn Mosby. It has nothing to do with a ‘fight against racism’ or any other noble endeavors.

      Any other State’s Attorney would have to do the same thing if an officer compromised himself so foolishly.