Aries Clark (Image Source: Family handout)

It’s been almost two weeks since Aries Clark, 16, was shot by police outside a youth shelter. Officers from the Marion Police Department responded to a call at the East Arkansas Youth Services in the city of Marion, Arkansas. According to witnesses and video that has been uploaded to social media, within moments of officers arriving, Clark was shot in front of the youth shelter. He was transported to a local hospital and died the next day from his injuries. His mother, Byrd Clark, stated to media that doctors told her Aries was shot in the back of the head, buttocks, and back.

On the day her son was to be laid to rest, Byrd Clark marched on foot to her son’s home going service to bring attention to the killing of her son by police. But when she got to the funeral home, Byrd was shocked to discover someone in the family started the service without the grieving mother. While a family member was making remarks, Clark went to the podium and reportedly snatched the microphone away from the speaker.

Within moments, a heated verbal argument ensued which then became a physical confrontation. Chairs were turned over and church pews broken as mourners at the service began fighting. Police officers had to be called to the scene to break up the fight and de-escalate the situation. According to mourners who spoke on camera to local news outlet WREG News Channel 3, some family members were upset that Byrd was 30 minutes late to the service. One witness stated, “You 30 minutes late for your own son’s funeral!” Another one witness said, “You already had him cremated, you already took everything from us. For us not to see him, and then you come up here extremely disrespectful.”

The death of Aries Clark is still under investigation and his mother promised she will continue to seek answers and justice for her son.

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • Mason Youngblood

    Black folks I’m speaking to you: We gotta come together and get it together and stay strong in any kind of weather.

    • Earl Dumarest

      Stay scrong!

      • Mason Youngblood

        ???..I do not understand you.

  • nae

    That’s HER son WTF is wrong with y’all

    • Darla

      Exactly!! Why did she have to act so ignorant and out of control ? The funeral was about him NOT her. Maybe if she grasped that concept a long time ago her son might not have ended up another at risk youth dead because of his out of control, disrespectful actions .

      • True Colors

        Ok how do you know the boy was disrespectful? Or out of control?

        • MzJello Omens Mc

          the mother had put him in the shelter because of his unruling behavior.

  • SrAgri

    If you’re going to turn your son’s funeral into a demonstration, at least clue in the rest of your family so that they don’t start he service without you.

  • britishrose

    so dam what if she late???? she could have had no service at all if she dam please! black folks? people who dont know the law tend to voice thier own version of it ., this lady should have been picked up by a funeral car first off? and then escorted to her seat with dignity and respect for the dead , that boy would not have allowed his moma to be mistreated , the fact he was at a youth center is probably what they blaming her for… seem as though the kid had issues mineing athority and his moma . but why they shot him this many times in his head is unbelievable and what the should be fighting about . did they just forget? this is police killing: again on a child .. remember tamar rice did nothing either and was killed…… black people are just like this always fighting the wrong dam source .
    this family is no kind of support for the moma , , she need to lean towards organizations that support her . and a good lawyer and if she win any money MOVE OUT THE STATE AND LEAVE THEM LIE, NO GOOD SAD FAMILIE MEMEBER BEHIND . i cant believe a funeral home would start service without a moma . without calling her and finding out how far she was away

  • chicago16

    Good GOD y’all ! How many more young lives will it take for you guys in the African American community to realize that adversity leads to adversity! Aries behavior, learned, allowed and nurtured by the adults in his life lead to his death. Not the police. The police were the unfortunate reactors to his actions. That is to say, that “For EVERY action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words , “Don’t do the crime if you cannot do the time”. Common sense. Yet not common enough in the black community

  • angela

    It just goes to show, folks live what they learn. Will brothers ever learn , “DON”T point a toy gun at a cop with a real one !”

  • Ash

    shooting was justified, should have put down the gun when told to multiple times

    • Gainus Wright III

      Why didn’t the cop that was talking to him shoot? Was killing him justified? What cop came out from behind cover? With as long as the one cop was talking to him, you mean to tell me that shooting to KILL was necessary? With all the target practice these cops do, they had to take aim at his head? With all that time, there was not ONE cop there that could take aim to cripple this kid? The cop that was talking to him spoke to the kid by name. I commend him. But there was a killer in that bunch just waiting to execute. Target practice on another Negro.