Viral clip shows 3 Arkansas policemen viciously beating a man (video)

Three Arkansas officers have been removed from duty and are under investigation after a video captured them violently punching and kneeing a man outside on the ground. The officers were identified as Zack King, Levi White, and Thell Riddle. The man being beaten was 27-year-old Randall Worcester. He was transported to an area hospital for […]

Black inmate used as guinea pig for unapproved drug without his knowledge

An unspecified number of inmates at Arkansas’ Washington County jail who contracted COVID-19 unknowingly became part of a doctors testing of a drug that  federal official warn against taking for COVID-19. 29-year-old Edrick Floreal-Wooten was one of them. According to CBS News “An Arkansas doctor under investigation for prescribing an anti-parasite drug called ivermectin to jail detainees […]

Vivica A. Fox is ready for a 3rd ‘Kill Bill’ film

Vivica A. Fox wants Quentin Tarantino to make a third Kill Bill film. The 55-year-old actress plays the role of Vernita Green, who was killed by Uma Thurman’s The Bride in the first film. Vernita’s daughter Nikki witnessed the murder, and Tarantino has teased the possibility of Nikki coming back for revenge — something Fox wants […]

Remains of Maleah Davis reportedly found

The search for the body of 5-year-old Maleah Davis has reportedly ended after investigators found the remains of a little girl scattered on the side of a highway in Arkansas. This discovery comes after the jailed suspect in Davis’ disappearance, Derion Vence, 27, reportedly admitted to community leader Quanell X that he killed the little […]

Arkansas rapper Nas B is here to set her own trends

In this episode of “Twin Beatz,” co-hosts Adore Rae and Queen Regine ask Arkansas rap artist Nas B about the message behind her single “Freddy Vs. Jason” and major setbacks she’s faced in life that shaped her into the artist she is today.

War veteran’s property set on fire by racists in Arkansas, family threatened

Kevyn Fowler, a 15-year Iraq military veteran, is the victim of hate crime. He lives in Jacksonville, Arkansas, a suburb of Little Rock, that doesn’t take too kindly to people of color having the means and the gall to move into their section of town. Fowler moved to the area, which is approximately 20 miles […]

Fight breaks out at funeral for Black teen Aries Clark, killed by police

It’s been almost two weeks since Aries Clark, 16, was shot by police outside a youth shelter. Officers from the Marion Police Department responded to a call at the East Arkansas Youth Services in the city of Marion, Arkansas. According to witnesses and video that has been uploaded to social media, within moments of officers […]

Troubled teen shot in the back of the head by police at youth shelter

crime scene tape

The parents of Aries Clark,16, are in a state of shock after he was shot by police, earlier this week. On Tuesday, officers from the Marion Police Department responded to a call at the East Arkansas Youth Services in the city of Marion, Arkansas. According to witnesses and video that has been uploaded to social media, […]

Arkansas-bred Darren Peters leads public affairs firm, Peter Damon Group

7 Questions with Darren Peters How has life changed for you since you left Little Rock, Arkansas? I’m still connected to Arkansas in spirit and ties to the community and that will be always. The song by Wayland Holyfield titled “Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)” is in many ways something that I still hold […]

Hillary Clinton blasted for condoning the use of Black prison slave labor

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton continues to catch flack for her past discretions. Words from a book written 21 years ago has come back to haunt her. In the book It Takes A Village, Clinton spoke about using Black prison labor when she served as first lady when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. “When we moved in, […]

Why you should call the manager if you see this racist woman at Walmart  

A simple trip to a Walmart in Centerton, Arkansas resulted in a racist tirade by a White woman against two women of color. Eva Hicks posted a video to Facebook of an encounter she had with an as of yet unidentified White woman. Hicks was reportedly trying to pick up her medication at the pharmacy […]

Why Arkansas is executing 8 inmates over 10 days

The state of Arkansas is giving the country a taste of the cold economics of the death penalty. Just like many Americans may dispose of food nearing its expiration date, Arkansas is facing the same reality when it comes to the expiration of drugs used in executions. The state reached the cold solution of increasing […]

SOLOH discusses his new EP ‘Feed The Streets’

SOLOH is a rapper from Arkansas who’s looking to put a stamp on the game. He released his fourth EP Feed the Streets last month and is now looking to gain further traction in his music. Explain your journey and how you gravitated toward becoming a rapper. My parents played a lot of early ’90’s music. […]

Racist Arkansas teacher forced to resign after calling the Obamas ‘monkeys’

Trent Bennett will no longer serve as a teacher at Maven High School. The racist educator who taught at the Malvern, Arkansas, school decided to spread his hatred in a Facebook post on Dec. 24. According to KARK, Bennett went on Facebook and called the first lady, “Michelle Obummer…America’s First Chimp.” When others called him […]

Video shows Michael Sabbie begging for water and air before he dies in jail

Michael Sabbie, 35, was a father on four who’s civil and human rights were violated as he pleaded for air and water. He died in Bi State Jail in Texarkana, Texas in July 2015. The father of four was placed in custody on a misdemeanor domestic assault charge to which he had pleaded not guilty. On […]

Arkansas rapper Solo releases new track, ‘Juggin’

Newport, Arkansas native Solo continues to build a respectable buzz as an independent artist. After releasing his first mixtape, Conceded, Solo followed with I AM Me, Vol.1 and Vol.2. The mixtape, which was released in January, has allowed him to solidify himself as one of the top rappers to watch in 2016. Solo’s latest single, […]

Susan Williams’ sculptures provide definition to Gallery Guichard exhibit

From her upbringing in Dumas, Arkansas, to providing interior design for the President Clinton Foundation building in Little Rock, Susan Williams has consistently made an impression on those around her. Her sculptures of the human form are nothing short of breathtaking. Tell us about creating the design for the President Clinton Foundation building? In 2004, I […]

Mike Huckabee alludes that Jay Z is pimping Beyoncé

While we are pretty sure he wasn’t in danger of counting on Jay Z and Beyoncé’s support pending another push for the U.S. presidency, it’s safe to say that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee can count on the power couple’s vote going elsewhere for sure now. In a forthcoming coming book by the Fox News talk-show host […]

‘Worst deadbeat dad ever,’ still making babies (video)

For most people, having 25 kids by 15 different mothers would at least make you consider using birth control. But not Terry Turnage, apparently the 50-year-old Memphis, Arkansas,  man has just been ordered to pay child support for another child. In addition, two Arkansas women have recently received child support orders against Turnage, who defiantly […]