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Mystikal surrenders to police on rape charges

Mystikal (Photo source: Caddo Correctional Center)

New Orleans-based rapper Mystikal turned himself into law enforcement on Monday, Aug. 21. The rapper was wanted on charges of first-degree rape that allegedly occurred in October 2016 at a Shreveport hotel and casino.

News broke last week that Mystikal, whose real name is Michael Lawrence, and Averweone Holman, 26, are accused of the sexual assault of a woman in Shreveport, Louisiana. Also implicated in the case is a woman identified as Tenichia Wafford,42. Police recovered DNA evidence at the scene that linked Mystikal and Holman as being present. According to KSLA News 12, Holman was arrested last  Friday, Aug. 18, in Killeen, Texas, and charged with first-degree rape. His bond was set at $2M. Mystikal turned himself into Louisiana police on Monday, August 21, 2017, and was booked on first-degree rape. His bond is also set at $2M. He is being held at the Caddo Correctional Center in northwest Louisiana.

Wafford is accused of trying to convince the victim of the sexual assault to drop the charges against Mystikal and Holman. She was also arrested by police on a charge of accessory after the fact to first-degree rape. Her bond is set at $200K.

Fans expressed dismay at Mystikal’s situation and were surprised that once again he was involved in a sexual assault. He was released from prison in 2010 on previous sexual assault charges and had to register as a sex offender in Louisiana.


  1. britishrose on August 22, 2017 at 10:47 am

    duhhhh just because someone has celebrity status doesnt mean they are not a sexual predator , child molester , killer even . .. these people are human, ojay simpson is a great example to us all . we havent learn nothing . at his highlighted years he was surrounded by bodyguards and still assaulted a woman and lied saying he was innocent . they made him do his time .. his sexual urge is overwhelming he has an illness he needs lock up an counseling .
    for ever .. give him 30 years i guarantee society want have to worry bout him . these aging rappers is off the hook, they get desperate for money and angry when its out of reach . he should of been saving his money instead of being locked down for dumb sh….ttt

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