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Kid Rock, one of the greatest perpetrators of cultural appropriation in modern hip hop history (or music for that matter), is now a racist redneck rocker who flagrantly panders to the far right and White nationalists. He has been chosen as the opening act for a new Detroit sports arena – in Motown of all places – and the selection has caused a lot of outrage in the Motor City.

The artist, who was somehow honored by Berry Gordy during the Motown 50 celebration in Detroit (and where he performed onstage with Stevie Wonder), was chosen by Olympia Entertainment to open the new Little Caesars Arena with concerts next week. But his recent expletive-laced criticism of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick (who has knelt for the national anthem), his proud embrace of the Confederate flag and unwavering support for President Donald Trump have prompted local civil rights organizations to plan a protest and call for the concerts to be scrapped.

Kid Rock, who is from the Detroit suburbs and proudly claims the city as his home, has six concerts scheduled at the $860M, 20,000-seat arena, starting Tuesday — a move that Peter Hammer, director of the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights at Detroit’s Wayne State University, called “incredibly tone deaf.”

“Everything is different post-Charlottesville,” Hammer said, referring to the White nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12 that resulted in the death of one counter-protester and injuries to many more.

“These are moments where you have to act as a matter of character and state what your values are,” Hammer added. “Everything now is becoming symbolic. That means we have to choose our symbols carefully.”

The arena will be the new home for the NHL’s Red Wings and the NBA’s Pistons. It’s owned by Detroit’s Downtown Development Authority and is managed by Olympia Entertainment, which is owned by Ilitch Holdings.

“While I can’t control what any artist does or says, I can guide our businesses to continue bringing life-changing opportunities to people in our community,” Ilitch Holdings President and CEO Christopher Ilitch said in response to questions about the choice of Kid Rock to open the arena. “I will always demand that our companies strive to do right by Detroit, our community and its people.”

The request to cancel Kid Rock’s concerts came from the National Action Network’s Detroit chapter, which plans a protest next week. The group has previously criticized Kid Rock for displaying the Confederate flag at concerts.

“This is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said the Rev. Charles Williams II, president of the network’s Detroit chapter. “When you hire Kid Rock, who is known to be dog-whistling and cat-calling to white supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community, alt-right, whatever you want to call them, and you take our tax dollars to do that? That’s wrong.”

During a concert last month in Iowa, Kid Rock told fans that “football’s about ready to start,” then went on to say, “You know what? F*** Colin Kaepernick,” the Des Moines Register reported.


Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.

  • britishrosee

    no they need to cancel him you gotta remember when he started he was a white rapper , and blacks helped him ,until they realize he could not rap ,he then started rapp mixing rock , and that stuck with racist white who coulldnt honor rap music legends . calling kid rock a legend . he get support from rebell racist supremist , whom hate blacks and use him to get the message out , he wanted money and fame , and to turn on the very culture his career started on . fake””” detroit is not a game , they will boot him out of that city so hughly , him and his kkk members too . he should know better , he made a lot of money running around the country with his redneck laced concerts appealing to the divisive whites who want to believe kid rock really is as racist as they are , he bashed collin kolpatrick was his biggest mistake . he but kiss donald trump so he got all trump supports happy to see a rebell delusional rallying for evil . detroit will not put up with it he may as well pack , cause that mayor will not have him if ciitizens protest him by marching . … power of media he will find out the rapture of his behavior is no good . when did he start hating blacks? when he realize rap music industry dissed hm and no one wanted to hear him rap? he was never no eminem or machine gun kelly those white boys can rap .. he was laughed right out the business

  • Christopher CJX Joseph

    Didn’t even realize he was still relevant – way past his prime. Kid Rock fans are living in some Alt-reality delusional racist privileged dome same as Trump supporters. Tickets aren’t worth $5.

    • britishrosee

      right he just seeked opportunitie to get fans by enchanting a bunch of boot kicking old racist rednecks from the woods , who got nothing else to do but ,swear donald trunmp is one of them . wrongggg trump aint doing nothing but using them . he needed votes but he aint doing nothing for them .. but bringing out their evil . trump has black friends so why would he be riding with them , what he said is both sides is wrong . in a way we are if we buy into their racist divison and evil chanting . trump may be a very strang man but i doubt if he is racist , cause he would never had gotten voted if that was picked up in the campaign he used them period . and now they left to defend their own ignorant behavior . .trust me like the kkk member who use to ride on horses in sheet hanging nigros down south , well now they rallying and using racist cop to send their message of control and hate . they are using anyone they can donald trump was used by them . that is why they rallyed they thought they had power and someone let the dam air out their ballon cause several of them have been arrested for sighting racisal tension and organizing a hate rally plus they helped cities like dallas and detroit to pull down all them confederate statues they tireid to keep up laugh

  • kennyj

    Kid Rock also has a bi racial child, for those who think that means he can’t be a bigot.

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  • Grip holder!!💰💰💯💯

    You talk to dam much🗣🗣🗣👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

    • britishrosee

      shut up bafoon face man

      • Grip holder!!💰💰💯💯

        Okay that’s the something I said when I saw you all over the site. I didn’t reply under your post . You came back and read over the comments and knew you do talk too much show you are one dead individual. Your sad😝

  • britishrosee

    thanks donald trump for shining the light on all these hidden judges lawyer business men who were at that race rally in charlott, donald trump is not trying to be no racist he , fooled the hell out of them to get thier votes cause without those votes he would have lost , he then get elected and picked on mexicans not blacks laugh , pissing the kkk off , they really are mad at him . they wanted him to denounce blacks and harrass us instead he invited kanye west and steve harvey to the white house and we all missed the message , trump is saying to them you dont tell me who to like””” l
    that rally was based on lose of power , the police killing are connected to these rallys , the feel vendicated that these cops were racist before miltary days so it was easy to recruite their wealk minds you get a scary racist , when he alone with a black man he will kill him cause he deep seated in his hate and want to be a hero . believe me darren wilson , and george zimmerman is hiding out but taken good care of .. racist kkk supremist got money a lot of them so they pay for thieir troops of killers , we need to be careful cause if trump dont satisfy their motives they will seek other ways to get back at blacks .. why the hell want they leave us alone , we aint beefkng with them . . i know it hurts them to see white chicks all married to a black man . and their daughter skipping around in the mall with a brother looking proud but . please get over it cause we here to stay . alicia keys is a beautiful race mix woman , grounded and love her black people . and respect whites . and young white kids love her how you gonna stop that ??? and who would want too . . whites need to stop their silly hatred its becoming a joke cause its unmasking of truth now

  • Reverend Al

    The white boy’s got funk and a Black son, but I’m running out of things to protest.
    Can we at least pretend he’s racist?

    • Mark

      Your daughter was arrested this past weekend.

      • Reverend Al

        That cabbie was racist. He had a problem with her color.

        • Mark


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  • SrAgri

    Oh my word – someone’s feelings might be hurt! Cancel the show!

  • Mark

    Kid Rock will be elected in 2018 to the US senate

  • Christopher CJX Joseph

    Only color Kid Rock and Trump worry bout is GREEN. Biggest difference is KR is failing horribly trying to row upstream while Trump is skating along on thin ice avoiding cracks.