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Bobby Brown loses lawsuit over Bobbi Kristina biopic

Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina

Photo credit: Instagram – @realbkristinahg

Last month, Bobby Brown made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against TV One after the network revealed the news that they were releasing a made-for-TV biopic about the life and death of Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. However, after a just a month-long legal battle, news stories have revealed that Brown has lost the battle to keep the biopic from airing.

As originally reported, Brown filed a $2M lawsuit against TV One for showing him in a negative and untrue light. In the film, Brown will be played by actor Hassan Johnson and he will allegedly be shown as a “hard drug user” who neglects and abuses his daughter after the tragic death of her mother, Whitney Houston, who died in 2012 after being found submerged in a hotel bathtub.

Brown also named producers Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley in the suit and claims they’re using information they recieved from his 2004 reality show “Being Bobby Brown” without his permission.

Well, this weekened reports revealed that a Manhattan judge has decided to side with TV One in the case in regards to whether the movie should air on TV. The judge explained that Brown’s claims of defamation are “speculative” because he hasn’t read the script nor seen the film. The judge also disagreed with Brown’s concerns about being portrayed as an abusive husband because he admitted to hitting Houston during one incident in their tumultuous marriage.

“Whether Bobby Brown was a bad father is a matter of opinion,” the judge said, before quoting a line from Brown’s memoir, Every Little Step, in which he says, “I turned around to her, drew back my hand, and smacked her (Houston) across the face.”

Although the biopic will still air, Brown’s case will move forward and the next conference is scheduled for Nov. 13.

The Bobbi Kristina biopic makes its debut tonight, Oct. 8, on TV One.

What do you think about Brown’s claims and the biopic airing on TV? Let us know in the comments.


  1. britishrose on October 8, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    why the hell want he see what we all saw , its not like nobody made all this stuff up , he admitted to hitting her , and most abusers say the same dam thing , ,i only hit her once , i dont care if a man spit in your face , he will do it a million more times if he is still allowed access to you , if a man hate you he can you then beat you tommorow . 3 am if he wants , im sorry but he was abusive to whitney and bobby kristina , , that is why his aZz always crying on tv. he might as well have gave them both the fatal dose , , that child was a product of what she saw in her home her parents were both addicts , so what if they were stars . .. people give star status to drug addicts and in the end it sound like a cheap shot at demonizing them when really . . fans care about them . bobby brown is to old now to be acting in the same manner as he did 20 years ago his new wife is clearly a patsey a cover up for him . he aint in love with her , he really loved whitney butt he abused her so bad he stop careing and moved on .. .leaving her devastated .. he gave her drugs so she didnt have that safety net ,, a man can love awoman but abuse her to the point he stop caring .. and that is what happen . . .. and he left her to clear his name .. but it was too late we knew he gave her some of those drugs . and he knew krissy was on drugs and did nothing to help her . he wasnt afraid of gorden either , he just let her do what shewanted to do pat , the grandmoma and all of them help distroy this girl ..

    rip to them both they are definantly in a better place . .

  2. britishrose on October 8, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    ray jay and gordon were both drug runners , who supplied both women with drugs at a point , ray jay was slowly moving away from whitney he knew she was gonna kill herself and he wanted no part of it …. she was fighting stacy over him , that was her drug man reason she was so hyped up .. … ray jay was sexing her , and staying away . when he did come around he was giving her drugs . he use to be a drug dealer know in LA kim kardashian know all about it , when he was dating her , he was just brandys brother a hit song that failed , and he needed money so he sold dope . kim k could tell you a story , i bet she want rat on him. that is why ray jay didnt bother to sue kim for that leak of that tap .. . he was paid by VIVID . who bought the tap from the kardashians . reason ray j got money right now is due to that tap sell .

  3. Rhonda Pawnell on October 8, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    People need to realize that if Bobbi Kristina wanted her parents shown in that light, she would have been put out news about them. Television needs to realize that nobody wants to see reenactments of a person’s life while on drugs. It should be banned. Read something true. The Los Angeles serial killer capture and beyond on Amazon an ebook.

  4. Valica on October 8, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Ok, sue after the movie.
    As 4 lyrics, so every song someone sings is true?

  5. WHaleWIllie on October 12, 2017 at 8:11 am

    LOoksee, watchin’ da BObbi KRistina biopic, be like da JEffersons on crack. MOvin’ on up to da crack house wit’ mama WHitney an’ papp B BRown. BE like TOys R US openin’ a drug store. D’Ey all no betta d’en da damn KArdashians. POop shute stuffins all ’round.
    I rememba back in da day, bumped inta CHris ROck cummin’ out back stage from da WHitney HOuston concert. D’Ey all be sniffin’ so much blow, CHris look like a bunt cake with icin’ shugga on it. I’Se miss CHris. ALl be fine ’til he gots da stomp ala crepe treatment from FAtty KEvin JAmes. HE be stuffin’ his face with a baka’s dozen when he roll ova CHris! [email protected]#k d’em inbred DAnce MOMs, I’Se hate da cast o’ BLackish.. mo’ like playin’ wit’ da crackas all dipp’d in sum Hollywood back do’ fudge!

    • Toby Z Jackson on October 14, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      this is some really bad ghetto comedy. black jesus be frowning at you fool.