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From all appearances, the widely beloved and hated talk show host Wendy Williams has a general idea of who leaked alleged evidence of her cheating husband to The Daily Mail. According to the gossip site, the Jasmine Brand, the trail leads back to her “Wendy Show” staff, and therefore Williams just terminated a number of staffers just to be sure the mole has been eliminated from her inner circle.

A few days ago, The Daily Mail made bold accusations against Wendy Williams, 53, and her husband, Kevin Hunter, 46, reporting that Hunter is leading a double life that Williams is aware of. The Mail went on to report that their yearlong investigation revealed that Hunter is living with another woman in a neighboring city in New Jersey and splits time between the two homes. The story also said Hunter is in love with both women and cannot give up either one at this point.

The Jasmine Brand has come back to say the “leaked” story was 100 percent made up and Williams knows the identity of the woman leaker. Williams found out who was behind the story and they were actually people fired from her staff. She also fired anyone who was connected to the story because it reportedly showed how disloyal they were to her. She indicated that she cannot trust someone who would put out damaging material about her. This is not the first time the volatile and acerbic talk-show host has gone on a termination rampage.

According to the Jasmine report, Williams trusts her husband unequivocally. Williams is aware women are after him, especially because of Williams’ national fame and fortune and the fact they own their own production company. She is reportedly ready to move on from the fracas. However, the publication states his name was on the alleged girlfriend’s mailbox.


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