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Style blogger Priiincesss shares how to maintain online success

Photo courtesy: Kaylin of KVisuals

Cindy “Priiincesss” Lafalaise is a style blogger and fashionista based in Atlanta with a growing following on social media due to her love for fashion and making an everlasting impression through digital media. Priiincesss started her online site in 2011 and is now celebrating six years of blogging. To celebrate her anniversary, Priiincesss helps aspiring bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs with tips and advice to get their businesses off the ground and begin reaping the success they have always imagined.

Rolling out had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Priiincesss to learn more about her brand.

What initially sparked your interest to become a style blogger and how did you remain passionate about it over time?
I’ve always been into fashion. I love playing dress-up, shopping, and was already sharing what I wear on Facebook, so when I learned I could create a website and share my looks, I was in. So blogging wasn’t something I planned for; it kind of just happened. I am an overly passionate person and fashion is pretty much what keeps me going in my blogging journey. As long as I get to be myself and inspire others in the process, I will always blog.

As a woman with such style and fashion sense, how important do you think a person’s image and wardrobe are? 
It is extremely important. I take pride in being a well-dressed and well put together woman. How you look is not everything but it’s definitely the first thing people notice. Putting effort into looking your best when you walk out of the house is a part of self-care, self-love and you execute confidence. It’s true: when you look good, you feel good.

Speak on the importance of social media and how it has helped your brand reach new heights.
Social media is one powerful tool. And it’s so important to learn the most [effective] way to use it to grow your business. Personally, social media has helped me to connect with some amazing people I would not otherwise have connected with. Every feature I’ve been blessed with, every event I’ve been invited to, has been because of social media. And it’s safe to say I’m addicted.

What is your advice to those finding it hard to maintain their social media?
I would say take the time to understand your audience. Social media is more than a marketing tool. So spend time on there actually being social. Connect with your followers, get to know them, like, comment, share, engage, engage and engage. Your followers are following you for a reason, so be yourself, treat them like you treat your friends.

If you could give your social media a nickname, what would it be and why?
Lol, interesting question. If I could give my social media a nickname it would be “I am Priiincesss.” I would nickname it my current name because just by looking at my social media you get a true feel of who I am, what I like, my obsession with fashion and my willingness to inspire others to chase their dreams and live their best lives.

Do you ever have uninspired days and if so, how do you get back on track?
Of course. When I feel uninspired I’ll take a break from creating and do something I love. I love movies, so I’ll do a Netflix movie marathon. I’m also a runner, so I’ll go for a long run. My best friend is also a creative, so talking to him always puts me back in the game.

You often encourage your audience to stick to their passion by remaining consistent. Explain the importance of consistency in your life.
Everyday, once you find that thing you’re most passionate about, stick to it and spend time coming up with creative ways to grow it. Consistency is key in my life. And not just in my professional life but in my personal life, as well. I am a product of consistency. I’ve been able to grow my brand to what it is today because I’ve been consistent through it all. I have happy, healthy relationships because I’ve been consistent.

Other than style blogging and photography, what else do you tackle on a daily or weekly basis?
Wow, to be honest, I’m never not blogging. If I’m not creating actual blog posts, posting on social media, then I’m working on looks for my next shoot. But I am also a blogger’s coach. So apart from working on my own stuff, I’ll dedicate a part of my day to working on a client’s site, their logos, or take Zoom meetings. I know firsthand how difficult and confusing it is launching a first blog. So when it comes to coaching my clients, I make sure I’m providing all the tools they need to launch their blog successfully.

Learn more about Prrriiincesss by visiting her site and by connecting on social media @iampriiincesss. See pics below.