T.I. ‘likes’ post saying woman’s place is in the home, pleasing her man

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Rapper T.I. caused the tectonic plates to rumble beneath the Earth’s surface after he showed his approval of an Instagram post that claimed women’s purpose for existing is to get married, serve their husbands, have kids and stay in the home.

The man whose Instagram handle is Troubleman31 caused quite a bit of fracas as many folks were enraged stumbling upon such an incendiary statement. Many are awaiting the response of his estranged wife, Tiny Harris, with whom he has had a reported on-again, off-again relationship as of late. 

The woman is created too be a wife, be in the home, raise the children and please her husband,” says the post from Islamic scholar Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan.

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In some of the last episodes of their reality show, Clifford Harris disapproved of his wife taking their baby on the road, like Beyonce did, and indicated that if she wanted to have the baby, she should stay home to care for the infant.

It will be interesting to find out how this post, and his liking of it, will impact the dynamics of their relationship. 

Meanwhile, the rapper’s interactions with his wife have shifted recently as he has seemingly adored her performances onstage. He appears not only to love what he sees but is more attracted to her now precisely because she is doing her own thing with Xscape. 

Some fans are openly wondering what T.I. really thinks. Does he really want his woman in the home with the kids only tending to his needs or does he enjoy her being a bread-winning, independent human being who is winning in her chosen profession? 

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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