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Black comedian transsexual encounters include Chappelle and Murphy

Black comedian transsexual encounters include Chappelle and Murphy
Eddie Murphy (Photo credit: Splash News/ Eddie Murphy) Dave Chappelle (Photo Source: Twitter/ Netflix Is A JokeVerified account @NetflixIsAJoke)

Ever since Quincy Jones decided to talk about the sexual lifestyle of the late comedy icon Richard Pryor, many were shocked that to learn that Pryor was bisexual. But the fact of the matter is Pryor himself stated as much in his life. Even the fact that he had a transsexual lover for a period of time was something that Pryor talked openly about.

According to his autobiography, Pryor met a person named Mitrasha at a Hollywood nightclub. Pryor admitted that he was using cocaine and had sex with Mitrasha after leaving the club. Even when Mitrasha’s penis became exposed when he thought that he was a she, it did not stop Pryor from having sex. There have been other famous comedians that have had encounters with transsexuals in compromising situations.

In 1997, Eddie Murphy was in a well-known area of prostitution on the West Hollywood strip at 4:45 a.m. when police spotted him picking up a notorious transsexual prostitute. Murphy drove off with the prostitute later identified as Atisone Seiuli, who was 20 at the time. Murphy told police he was simply giving Seiuli a ride home because he thought she was a woman in distress crying on a street. Murphy claimed he was out getting a paper in his wife’s car because he was feeling restless. Seiuli was arrested for outstanding prostitution warrants and Murphy was allowed to go free. At the time, Murphy was married to fashion model Nicole Mitchell. The two would later have a bitter divorce in 2006.

It was an embarrassing arrest for Murphy, who received heavy criticism for his standup routines at the time.The routines had a fair amount of material that some would call homophobic by today’s standards. For Murphy to be caught with a transsexual, it was the height of hypocrisy. Tragically, on April 22, 1998, Seiuli fell to her death outside of her apartment. The death was considered odd and the prevailing theory the police went with was that she tried to swing from a balcony because she was locked outside of her apartment and fell to her death. Some felt that the arrest with Murphy had marked Seiuli as a target for retribution to keep Murphy out of further embarrassment. The superstar comedian even hired Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi to help defuse the scandal. In 2014, Murphy was threatened with a lawsuit by a transgender woman named Honey Dip Ashton, who claimed she was romantically involved with Murphy for years, starting from when she first met him at the age of 17. She stated she became involved with Murphy because she thought he could improve her life.

In 2018, comedian Dave Chappelle hilariously recounted his intimate encounter with a transsexual woman during his Netflix special Equanimity. He admitted to meeting the person, who had very attractive breasts and going back to a hotel. According to Chappelle, he found out that she was he and they did not have sex. Instead, he allowed himself to be masturbated with her breasts, because “technically those fake t-tt–s, were just as real as other fake t-tt–s in Los Angeles.”

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