Nicole Arbour racially mocks ‘This Is America,’ tells Blacks to forget slavery

Nicole Arbour racially mocks 'This Is America,' tells Blacks to forget slavery

There is a dangerous aspect to White feminism. While White feminists often work to solidify equal rights for women, they often solely focus on White women while disregarding every other group that’s disenfranchised in America.

Nicole Arbour falls into that category. Arbour is a YouTuber who gained fame by posting corny videos. She continued her streak of corniness with her spoof of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.” While Childish Gambino’s piece served as a strong take on race in America, Arbour created a flimsy video based on women’s rights. It was essentially a racist mockery of Black pain.

After being blasted on social media for her tasteless production, she responded by saying, “I thought it best to respond to the misinterpretation of my video here to clarify openly. The purpose of my rendition was to honor the spirit of the video which absolutely moved me, by adding my and many women’s life experiences and truths to the brave and brutal truths expressed in the original.”

But those words are meaningless considering that 10 days before the release of her video, she basically told Black people to forget about slavery.

“I’m so sick of people mad at slavery. It’s [in] the past, we weren’t there. We didn’t do it. But what we can do is fix economic slavery. Focus on the now,” she tweeted.

Arbour is a racist who does not think she’s a racist. She probably enjoys Black art, but doesn’t care to understand the reality of Black life in America.

Like other dangerous feminists, she’s only focused on gaining the respect of White men while ignoring the realities of other groups who suffer in this country due to racism.

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