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Fetty Wap’s baby mama Lezhae Zeona finally reveals photos of newborn

Lezhae Zeona. Photo: [email protected]

Rap star Fetty Wap and one of his multiple baby mamas — this one being Lezhae Zeona — just welcomed their second baby into the world and showed the infant off to Fetty’s legion of followers.

Fetty, 27, who was born Willie Maxwell II in Paterson, New Jersey, about a 40 minute drive to New York City, now has seven children to six baby mamas. And Fetty, according to MediaTakeout, pays over $100K in child support per month.

Earlier this year, Fetty finally cleared up all the rumors about the number of children he has, telling InTouch magazine: “Actually, my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million.”

“All my kids’ moms have moved on and living their life,” he continued. “They allow me to be a dad to my kids.”

When the subject was broached on social media on how could he possibly handle his responsibilities on the financial front with all those kids and baby mamas, Fetty barked braggingly on Instagram, “I’m fortunate enough to have been smart enough to invest my money so my kids will have money when I’m gone…Understand… I’m not rich. I’m wealthy.”

Zeona certainly is not complaining. She gave birth to her and the “Trap Queen” rapper’s son just a few weeks ago and she has pledged her love and devotion to both of the parents’ children in this Instagram post:

“I Just Wanna Thank The Lord For Trusting Me Enough To Allow 2 Of His Most Precious Angels To Be Born Through Me. There’s Nothing Or Nobody In This World That Comes Before You Two And I Promise To Keep It This Way Till My Last Day On Earth. I Love Y’all With Everything In Me I’m Very Very Very Blessed To Call Y’all Mine And I’m Very Aware Of That. I’ll Never Take You Two For Granted And I Will Continue To Thank God Each And Everyday For My Beautiful Healthy Bundles Of Joy. Eliza Is Just As Smart As She Can Be.. In Fact She Blows My Mind Every Chance She Gets With Her Intelligence. She’s So Beautiful, Well Mannered, Proper, Happy, Open Minded, Outspoken, Polite, Kind, Loving, Caring, The List Goes On. You Are Growing Up To Be Everything I Could Ever Ask For In A Daughter. Zy Is So Happy, Precious, And Handsome. I’m Positive He’ll Grow To Be Everything I Could Ever Ask For In A Son. I Could Go On And On About My Kitties But I’m Not 😌 Thank You To All My Family, Friends, And Supporters Who Kept Me In Good Spirits During My Pregnancies And Special Thank You To Everyone Involved In This Photoshoot For Assisting Me In Welcoming My Son To ‘The World’ In Such A Graceful Manner ❤👑 Thank You Ladies for putting this shoot together for us.”

Lezhae Zeona. Photo: [email protected]