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Natalie Morrow’s Sexy Black Fashion Week Mn: Local designer’s debut

Collection by Akua Gabby by Jacqueline Addison Photo Credit: Nagashia Jackson

 Black Fashion Week Mn gave way to some of the Twin Cities’ best fashion designers at the Moxy Hotel. Natalie Morrow gave Minneapolis an Ultra-Sexy Black Fashion week. It was Morrow’s first of many fashion extravaganzas. 

The night’s fashion soiree featured the Made in America Black Excellence Collection by Houston White, the designer of the HWMR and Akua Gabby by Jacqueline Addison!

According to Natalie Morrow, founder of Black Fashion Week, “[Black Fashion Week Mn exists] to provide an opportunity for independent designers of color to have their works showcased before the community.” This event also becomes a bridge for the fashion industry to discover new talent.

See photos below.