Sandra Chaney says when 1 woman wins, we all win

Sandra Chaney says when 1 woman wins, we all win
Sandra Chaney (Photo credit: C Suite Pics )

Sandra Chaney — compelling change agent, nonprofit strategist and grant specialist,  bestselling author, certified fatherless daughter advocate, and national speaker — is on a global assignment to help women live and love beyond their titles, be more than their businesses and ministries, and transform their lives to manifest the missions they were created to bring forth.

Rolling out caught up with Chaney to discuss how she got started in business.

How long have you been in business?

As of November 2018, it will be 15 years that I said yes to owning my business. Wow!

Why did you pick this particular field?

I am business and life strategist. That is the best way to describe the field of business I am in. When I released my 9-to-5 job back in 2003, I started as a consultant, teaching and training organizations on understanding domestic violence and what to do. At the same time, I was a grant reviewer for several federal organizations. I used my skill set to create my own nonprofit to impact lives on a local level. Some years later, I was approached by a good friend to use my skill set on a larger level. It confirmed what I was feeling. Sandra Chaney Enterprises, Inc. is an organization transforming and impacting your life and business from the inside out. It is my passion to see women win every area of their lives.

Tell us about a challenge you have had in business and how you have overcome it?

I went through a major dry spell in my business. When I first started, things were great. Then five years into it, I hit a rough patch, and I was bringing in little to no money. What I realized was the source of my business challenges was me. So I took some time to really deal with my own ish ’cause it was creating challenges in my life and business. How you do one thing is how you do everything. I overcame these challenges by facing me and doing the work to truly heal.

Why do you feel you have been as successful as you have in your business?

I read somewhere that an inspired leader works from the inside out. This is so true. Your inner voice, that voice of God, gives instruction and guidance on a daily basis. I now take the time to get still and silent. I am good at a lot of things, but it does not mean I should do them. So in my time of quiet, I listen for instruction and guidance. I ask for help now instead of trying to do it all myself. I’ve learned to fail forward; in other words, I don’t give up. I learn the lesson and keep it moving. All of this comes from within. Everything we do is an inside job. My success started within.

Why are you so compelled on seeing other women win big?

I wrote a book entitled Give It To Her: A Gift of Healing and Restoration. I chose this title because I wanted every woman who read this book to know I understand what they are going through, and I am on the journey with them. I was giving them something I did not have very early on in my journey. I believe we are all here to fulfill a purpose, and we all hold a piece of the puzzle. Therefore, we can’t do it alone, so I am here to help another woman fulfill her purpose because when she wins, we all do.

So, what’s next in 2018 for you? 

I am working on another bestselling book for nonprofits, and I am completing a chapter in another book for women entrepreneurs. I will be sharing some inside secrets. In addition, I will continue to work with women leaders and nonprofits who are looking to increase their bottom line. I am also working on a candle line for the busy woman leader who needs to rejuvenate her personal life. Outside of that, I am learning to flow with God from within. My biggest desire is to work from any beach in the world. I’ve already had a foretaste of that.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I love the beach, with some blue water, dark chocolate, old-school music (I love to dance, too), and a nice glass of wine.  All is right with the world.

How can we stay connected with you?

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