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Leadership coach Nicole Mason brings her faith to life in her work

Leadership coach Nicole Mason brings her faith to life in her work
Photo provided by Nicole Mason
Nicole S. Mason is known as a leader’s leader and is sought after for her wise counsel and effective leadership strategies. She serves as coach and confidante to high-achieving women in the marketplace and in ministry. Aligning her leadership acumen and faith creates a powerful combination for those who retain Mason to help them make strategic decisions and power moves.
Rolling out had the opportunity to chat with Mason about her work.
Why is Nicole Mason on a mission to help women #ShowUpGreat?

I was so blessed to have a mother who instilled confidence in me from as early as I can remember in my life.  She would always tell me, “Nicole, you don’t ask for respect, you demand it. And, it’s not about what you have on, it’s about how you show up.”  I realized as I grew older that my mother was very intentional about fortifying me from the inside out, as opposed to allowing the world to dictate to me from the outside in on who or what I could be and accomplish. Confidence is key ingredient to success in every area of a woman’s life. Due to my mother’s impartation in my life, I am on a mission to help women to embrace who they unapologetically. 

In addition to my mother’s influence in my life, my grandmother was and will forever be my shero!  My grandmother had an 8th-grade education, but she was a Boss before it was popular or acceptable for women to be entrepreneurs. Unlike women today who have a choice in becoming a business owner, my grandmother’s trek into the world of business was for survival.  She didn’t have many choices at that time in history. My grandmother made many sacrifices for her family. I am very sensitive to those sacrifices and believe that I have an obligation to do everything that I do with a spirit of excellence.  And the reality is, we all stand on the shoulders of women who have walked many paths for us to do what we do and to be who we are today. We all have an obligation to #ShowUpGreat!

How long have you been in the leadership coaching sector? Why leadership coaching?

I officially received my leadership coaching certificate from Georgetown University in 2011. However, I have been coaching leaders for many years. I am a preacher and have been honored to serve women since 1998 by coaching and mentoring, but the word coaching was not necessarily the title used to describe the interactions. Although coaching has been around for a long time, the concept is overused today. Unfortunately, there are many people who call themselves coaches but lack the credentials to support the title.  There is an art and science to coaching and people should not enter a coaching relationship haphazardly. I know of many people who have hired a “coach” without getting the desired results. From my vantage point, a coach should not only have coaching education but should have also been the recipient of coaching with transformational results before coaching others.

I chose leadership coaching because I serve as coach and confidante to leaders in ministry and the marketplace. I didn’t set out to be a “leader’s leader.”  I believe that God endowed me with the wisdom and truth that leaders are drawn to and have experienced over the years. I have coached senior-level executives who have referred their colleagues to me. The one thing that they know for sure is that I will be honest, truthful and confidential. It is my honor and privilege to serve those that are leading others. Leaders need a safe and sacred space to be vulnerable and to get good, Godly wisdom. Although I have a coaching education to support my title of coach, the anointing on my life is a tremendous bonus for every woman that hires me as her coach.  

What can people expect from you in this second quarter of 2018?

I am excited about my very first book collaboration that launched in June titled; Faith for Firery Trials. The book is about faith, and the co-authors are first-time authors. I know that many people want to write a book but don’t always know where to start. I offered this opportunity to build the momentum for the women to write their own books. I have provided training and coaching throughout the process. I also have some amazing celebrity co-authors who have partnered with me to share their stories of how faith helped them to overcome an obstacle in their lives. I am excited about the impact that this book will have on the world for generations to come.

It’s been stated that success is intentional.  What is that one intentional thing you do every day to ensure your success in business?

I pray about everything, so it is important to me to stay connected to my source. God is my source. In addition to prayer, I am intentional about ensuring that everything that I do is directly connected to my purpose of helping women to be who they are authentically and creating success on their own terms.

What does success mean to you?

Success is doing what I know I am called to do on the Earth and making an impact in the lives of others. The way that this is implemented in my life is through the establishment of goals and taking the necessary actions each day to accomplish those goals. Finally, success to me is acknowledging my own greatness and saluting the greatness in others.


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