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Reporter Cherri Gregg shares how Maya Angelou impacts her daily life

Cherri Gregg (Photo provided)

Cherri Gregg is the community affairs reporter for KYW Newsradio, where she reports on social justice and civil rights issues, for both radio and television. Gregg is a graduate of Boston University, Howard University Law School and Temple University’s Klein School of Media and Communication.

As a licensed attorney, she provides legal analysis and coverage on many issues. She also produces and hosts the award-winning weekly debate show “Flashpoint,” airing in Delaware Valley.

Rolling out is committed to bringing awareness to successful women leaders in our community. We spoke with Gregg as a part of our Women’s History Month recognition.

How would you describe your brand in three words?
Positive, community and informative.

How can Black women change the narrative of negative stereotypes of themselves?
Black women can change the narrative of negative stereotypes by stepping up to tell their own stories. There are so many Black women who are leading in high power positions, while serving as mothers, wives, caregivers, volunteers and so much more. I think we should show the world that we as Black women are human and therefore imperfect, yet at the same time, we are empowered, powerful, resourceful and effective. I believe Black women have taken back the narrative through movements like #BlackGivesRock and #BlackGirlMagic and by giving each other credit where it is due.

In terms of self-care, what are three things women can do to preserve themselves for a healthy future?
Daily mediation and journaling is a key part of my self-care strategy. It allows me to go within and allows me to put my thoughts on paper. [This] combination allows for a
clearer head and less negative thoughts.

Regular exercise keeps me healthy and ups my confidence.

Time with those I love. [Whether] it’s with friends or family, spending time with those I love, especially on vacation, is rejuvenating.

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