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Female Success Factor » Interior designer Nikki Klugh credits mentors for business transformation

Interior designer Nikki Klugh credits mentors for business transformation

Nikki Klugh (Photo by Tigner for Steed Media)

Nikki Klugh is the owner and principal designer of Nikki Klugh Design Group, a full-service interior design firm based in San Diego, California.

Serving clientele nationwide Klugh and her team help homeowners who are needing to furnish or remodel. They offer step by step assistance helped from conception of ideas to creation of the design plan and also construction.

We spoke with Klugh about the development of her interior design business as a Black woman.

Was this something you saw yourself doing or did it evolve?

I have always loved interior design. As far back as I can remember, I would rearrange my room, paint, and sew curtains with my mom. I didn’t know that I could make a career out of it. I majored in engineering in college. It wasn’t until my fourth child was born that I went back to school specifically for interior design and started my professional career then.

How would you describe your professional evolution?

I have a left brain and right brain. That serves me well in my profession. I’ve always been good at math and science, and that’s why I was steered towards engineering. However, it wasn’t fulfilling that creative side. I found that with interior design, I can be very creative, but it takes a lot of specific skills like project management, being very accurate with drawings and thinking about how things work. I have this vision, I have this creative idea, but what are the mechanics behind it so that we can successfully implement that idea.

What are three key elements that have assisted you in transforming your business?

There have been three things in my business that have helped me grow a profitable and successful business and that has been mentorship. It has been masterminding with like-minded people that are also wanting to grow their business and … growing as a leader and developing my team.

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