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Wendy Williams cries on air about racism in America (video)

Talk show host Wendy Williams. Photo source: [email protected]

Perhaps because Wendy Williams’ fame has been built on manufacturing and maintaining mess, and because she gets fiendish delight in dissecting her entertainment subjects with such ruthless precision, she does not make the most sympathetic figure as she cries on her talk show about the impact racism is having on her psyche.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” the former New York radio deejay broke down in tears when she told a story of “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin being targeted by racists over the Fourth of July holiday. Hostin’s story had Williams quivering about how White supremacy has her paranoid on a daily basis.

Apparently, a group of kids allegedly called Hostin and her family the N-word, while they were vacationing in an upscale section of New York. “The View” co-host said it was in an area where she always felt “comfortable” as well, so it came as a big surprise.

Williams’ voice began to crack after she showed the Hostin video, saying through tears: “Why are we still dealing with this?”

Check out what she had to say on the matter at about the 17-minute mark:

How do you feel about Williams getting emotional on the air as she described her fears of being Black in America? Were you sympathetic?