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Stevie J caught cheating on Faith Evans already?

Stevie J caught cheating on Faith Evans already?
Photo: Instagram-@hitmansteviej

Well, that was quick. Stevie J and Faith Evans just finished walking down the aisle and already there are reports of infidelity in their embryonic marriage.

Actually, the two musicians didn’t walk anywhere but stood at attention inside their Las Vegas hotel room for a hurried wedding. But we digress. Stevie J, aka Steven Aaron Jordan, 46, was reportedly spotted getting hugged up with model Misha Perry recently. Worse, Perry is claiming that Stevie is actually the father of the baby she’s carrying, is reporting.

Perry wants the world to know about her illicit trysts with Stevie, too. She fired off a sizzling message as a warning to Faith, 45, about her newlywed husband. In a now-deleted photo that was posted on Instagram, Perry shows a man who has his back to the camera while lying in bed. Although you cannot see the man’s face, he is sporting a tattoo that is very similar to the one that Stevie J has.

When word broke nationally that Stevie J and Faith had a shotgun wedding, Perry fired off this missile on her Instagram page:

“Lol I hope this time it’s a real marriage and since you getting married I hope Faith can help you on some of those child support debts because YOUR (our) child will be here in October …”

In another post, Perry told Faith that “Biggie is turnin’ over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself.” She also decried the marriage as a “scam.” We assume she meant sham.

Unless Perry is able to produce irrefutable proof that Stevie J cheated on Faith, however, then Faith is unlikely to cry foul, Hollywood Life reports.

“Faith’s standing by Stevie J and she’ll continue to stand by her husband even if this baby does turn out to be his,” the source told the entertainment blog. “The one thing that would actually shake Faith’s loyalty, however, is if this woman has proof that Stevie cheated on Faith with her. But it would have to be unshakeable proof — not something shady that could be faked. Like, if she has got date stamped videos that line up with when Faith and Stevie were together, and I mean really together and not on one of their many breakups.”

The rumors haven’t done much to cause tremors in the couple’s marriage as they were seen on the red carpet of the Black Music Honors last week.  However, with Stevie J already having seven children and Faith bringing up three of her own, Stevie can ill afford to raise another child — especially if you recall how the federal government nearly sent Stevie to prison for being over a million dollars in arrears in his child support payments.

Stay tuned.

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