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Gloria Govan blasted for inspirational message before her violent felony arrest

Gloria Govan blasted for inspirational message before her violent felony arrest
Photo Credit: Instagram – @glogovan

Pop culture fans are mystified by former reality star Gloria Govan (“Basketball Wives”) after she posted an inspirational message just hours before getting arrested for committing a violent felony against ex-husband, former NBA star Matt Barnes. 

According to TMZ, Govan was just released from jail Saturday morning after being arrested and charged with felony child endangerment for violently trying to block Barnes from getting his kids for the weekend, as ordered by the courts.

Now she is getting beat down on social media for posting an inspirational/motivational message on her Instagram account just hours before initiating violence against her ex-husband.

Govan had picked their twin boys up from school on Friday, just minutes before Barnes was scheduled to arrive and pick them up for the long holiday weekend, according to their custody agreement. Barnes, a former pro b-baller with the Los Angeles Clippers, went up to his ex-wife’s car and asked the boys to get out of the car and go into his, which they did obediently.

It is not clear if Govan was upset at how he interacted with her and/or the children, but Govan reportedly became violent and began following Barnes’ vehicle while hurling profanities. At one point, she tried to block Barnes’ car from leaving by swerving her car in front of his, nearly causing an accident.

At that point, someone notified authorities. When police arrived, Barnes showed them his legal custody documents and Govan was summarily arrested and taken to jail for her actions. Barnes was allowed to leave with his boys.

Govan was released on $100K bail after being booked for violating a court order and endangering her children.

Govan wrote this message on her IG account Friday: “Let me tell y’all something… there isn’t a person on this earth that isn’t struggling with something! I don’t care how much money, success, or followers anyone has. We all have problems. You’re not alone.”
One person wrote, “Yet you still acting like a damn fool and stole somebody’s money.”

And then Govan added this prayer:

Gloria Govan blasted for inspirational message before her violent felony arrest
Credit: Instagram-@glogovan

After it was revealed what transpired between her and her kids’ father, IG followers let Govan have it for exemplifying hypocrisy:

Another fan said, “Nice job psycho acting like A lunatic in front of your kids.”

“Gloria im@so sick n tired of ur tantrums. Matt loves is boys do u know how many women with kids love for their baby father to come n see those children without them begging him. You re fools u re tripping. Let Matt be dad n do ur job as mom stop fighting,” an Instagram user commented.

Govan and Barnes had another custody court battle this past summer with both being awarded joint custody of their two boys. Barnes and Govan divorced in 2016.

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