Which ‘Empire’ character is going to die this season?

Which 'Empire' character is going to die this season?
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Fierce fans of Fox’s flagship show “Empire” will watch with bated breath as season five commences soon.

That’s because, according to the showrunner, Brett Mahoney, one of the beloved characters is going to die in one of the episodes. It has already happened on that show that is always being compared to “Empire.” With the cable blockbuster “Power,” Ghost’s daughter Raina (played by Donshea Hopkins) was murdered in an execution-style shooting that sent fans reeling.

“And it will have deep ramifications,” showrunner Brett Mahoney told TV Guide. “Hopefully it will feel satisfying and significant.”

In a flash-forward moment, Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard (The Best Man, Big Momma’s House, Hustle & Flow) is crying as he stands over the closed coffin of someone whose identity has yet to be revealed.

As the season unfolds, Mahoney will tease “Empire” fans with additional clues about who has a date with death.

“In the world that Empire has created, it’s a world where there are life and death stakes and where death can happen to a Lyon,” added Mahoney.

Here’s who we think might meet an untimely demise on the show on “Empire” season 5:

  • Lyons: TV Guide speculates that the youngest son, Hakeem Lyon, will die. But we believe it may be the eldest son, Trai Lyons, and heir apparent to the Lyons empire who stands a better chance to meet his doom. Remember, the oldest son plotted to kill his own father after he was passed over to take over the reigns of the music company in favor of the middle child, Jamal Lyon. And we all know that father Lucious Lyons is a “get back” gangster who remembers everyone who has crossed him. Much like in The Godfather where Michael Corleone has his own brother Fredo murdered for crossing him, we believe that Lucious Lyons is not beyond killing one of his own children to save what he built.
  • Some speculate that Cookie Lyons, played by the Oscar-nominated Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), may get the ax. And, true, she has informed the media that playing the acid-tongue ganster’s wife has taken a toll on her over the years. But we cannot fathom “Empire” trekking along without its most beloved and charismatic star — unless an equally dynamic woman comes into Lucious Lyons’ life and lights up the screen the way Henson’s Cookie does. A more plausible choice would be youngest son Hakeem, who nearly lost a lung from being shot in the season 4 finale, impairing his ability to breathe, rap and perform.
  • There is the possibility that the person’s grave that Lucious Lyons is standing over is someone from his past or someone not in the family. But the showrunner of “Empire” hints too strongly that someone we love may be slain, so we will have to wait to see whom that person will be.

So, who do you think has the highest chance of being killed off in this coming season of “Empire?”

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