Why BASE BUTTER is the Black-owned beauty brand you should try

Why BASE BUTTER is the Black-owned beauty brand you should try
Photo provided by BASE BUTTER

She’Neil Johnson is a young entrepreneur who understands the skin care needs of Black women. She founded her beauty brand BASE BUTTER in 2015 to target her own skin needs, and it has evolved into a passion for reshaping the beauty experience.

We caught up with Johnson to talk about the purpose behind her brand and why BASE BUTTER is the Black-owned beauty brand you should try.

What was the driving force behind creating BASE BUTTER?

BASE BUTTER in itself has been an evolution. It originally started out as a lipstick company. I was so ambitious that the time, and I had the idea for a lipstick company. I filed the LLC [limited liability company], purchased a logo and spent over $1,000 in supplies and raw materials. Within a year, my passion for this quickly faded. I was left with nothing but raw ingredients, so I spent over a year experimenting, researching and testing formulas on myself and friends. BASE BUTTER was originally built to address my own skin issues, but it has evolved into a community. Today, we are a direct-to-consumer skincare company giving women the power to reshape their beauty experience.

I leveraged my background in user experience, design and marketing to address the lack of transparency and trustworthy options afforded to my community. BASE BUTTER not only creates products but builds technology and leverages data to create minority-focused skincare solutions.

Why BASE BUTTER is the Black-owned beauty brand you should try
Photo provided by BASE BUTTER

What sets BASE BUTTER apart from other products on the market? 

Deciding to launch a skincare company was a bold move because the industry is so saturated. Part of my journey and the reason why we decided to enhance our brand experience was to better differentiate ourselves and provide direct value to our customers like no other. 

BASE BUTTER is a product line born through the growing consciousness, intellect and demand for representation from consumers. Our mission is to create simple, honest products that work  with real skin struggles and real life in mind. We only use what’s absolutely necessary in our formulas. We also partner with skincare experts to give you the information you need to make the most informed decision. 
What has been the biggest challenge in starting your business?

The biggest challenge was the realization that there is no actual end goal when you start a business. The day your business reaches its end or your “final goal” is the day your doors close. Your business will continuously evolve and you have to have the mindset and team that is comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even now with technology your brand is expected to continuously evolve and adapt to the times. My older sister, who is also a business owner, attended a branding workshop and was told that your brands will need a “refresh” about every two years. So, if you are getting ready to start a business, know that this is a continuous roller-coaster ride. 
What advice do you have for women pursuing entrepreneurship?
The best way to learn is from experience. At the end of the day, you know what is best for your company.Do not question your gut because of someone smarter or who has been in business longer than you told you otherwise. 
Where do you see BASE BUTTER in the next five years?   
In the next five years, BASE BUTTER would have entered a new product category and launched our first skincare tools using AI [artificial intelligence] technology built specifically for minority skin.
You can stay connected with the brand and purchase products at www.basebutter.com. 
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