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Black business vote: A political weapon against social and economic injustices

Photo courtesy of U.S. Black Chambers Inc. President Ron Busby

By Ron Busby

Black Americans are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. This is a fact that can’t afford to be ignored during the midterm elections. In order to protect the growth of Black entrepreneurship, Black voters must set a conscious intention to vote for candidates with a strong small business agenda.

The economic sustainability of the Black community relies on our ability to build our own businesses and collectively support Black-owned businesses and institutions. Our future depends on it.

As we continue to witness racist acts of violence and aggression against Black Americans on college campuses, in the workplace, in the justice system, in coffeehouses, in the confines of our own homes, and in just about every facet of life, we are reminded of the urgency to create Black-owned businesses and institutions where our dollars are respected and, most importantly, where we are respected.

We must use our vote to fight against social and economic injustices by electing candidates that have a strong agenda on issues that impact Black Americans and Black business owners. Black business ownership is not the only solution, yet it is an effective solution to resolving many of the challenges we’re seeing today as it relates to the wealth gap, income inequality and unemployment, to name a few.

Given the heightened racist times we live in, we also can’t sugarcoat the fact that Black voters must intentionally vote for Black candidates as a political weapon to fight against social and economic injustices. Without a doubt, many Black Americans are rooting for and relying on Black candidates to win office to be gatekeepers to uphold existing legislation that protects Black Americans and to create new legislation that helps close the intentionally designed disparities facing Black and disadvantaged communities.

Black representation matters. With phenomenal Black candidates on the ballot this midterm election, Black voters would be making an irreversible detrimental mistake to not vote. As the U.S. Black Chambers Inc., we are bipartisan in our approach to advocate for issues that impact Black business owners. Our membership consists of Republican, Democrat, Independent and various political party affiliations.

We understand firsthand that Black business owners are not a monolith. We serve as the voice of Black business owners regardless of political affiliation and use our voice to support Black candidates and candidates with a strong small business agenda. To raise awareness of Black candidates, we’ve ensured that our members have a listing of Black candidates who are running for office.

There’s a lot at stake not only for the future of healthcare, taxes, immigration and the economy but also for Black Americans who are at the bottom of the totem pole in nearly every social and economic issue. We must use our vote as a political weapon during the midterm elections. The U.S. Black Chambers adamantly urges Black voters to vote and to vote in record numbers during the midterm elections.

Ron Busby is president of U.S. Black Chambers Inc.