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‘Surviving R. Kelly’ prompts Columbus Short to reveal that he was molested

Photo Credit: @officialcshort/Instagram

Columbus Short faced a backlash for speaking out against R. Kelly following the premiere of “Surviving R. Kelly.” Some believed that Short was wrong for speaking out against R. Kelly considering his own issues with domestic violence.

“Not understanding how can Columbus short talk on R.Kelly when he was in a similar situation. Kettle stop calling the pot,” @justakxng  posted on Instagram.

Days later, Short took to social media to share his thoughts on the reports that R. Kelly reveal that he was molested as a child.

“This R. Kelly stuff is affecting people in different ways,” Short said in a short video. “I had to pull over [while driving]. I found out R. Kelly was molested by his sister and it’s sad. It doesn’t justify what he has done as adult man. I was molested by babysitter. She made me do things I was uncomfortable with. I was scared to speak out. I’m not scared any more. Only way to heal is speak on it. I’m a talented man who was molested. To all who have, it’s okay to speak out. I’m praying for R. Kelly.”