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R. Kelly not charged with giving woman STD and holding her as a sex slave

R. Kelly (Photo Credit: Jamie Thompson/

R. Kelly will not be charged for an alleged crime that took place in Dallas. In April 2018, a woman told authorities that R. Kelly intentionally gave her a sexually transmitted disease, according to Dallas News.

The woman allegedly met R. Kelly in 2017 when she was 19 and he began to groom her to join his sex cult, she told authorities. She said that he forced her to call him “daddy” and would lock her in a van during their 11 month relationship. The woman also claimed that R. Kelly gave her herpes when they had sex in Dallas.

Someone who knowingly transmits an STD to another person without disclosing it can be charged with a crime in Texas and New York.

However, Dallas police did not file charges against Kelly because they could not determine if a criminal offense had occurred within the city of Dallas.

The woman’s legal team will now seek to file a lawsuit against Kelly in New York.

R. Kelly continues to face backlash after the debut of the Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly.”