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Tamar Braxton sobs after fight with Kandi Burruss (video)

Tamar Braxton sobs after fight with Kandi Burruss (video)
Tamar Braxton. Photo source: Instagram – @tamarbraxton

The new season of the popping CBS reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” has gotten off to a turbulent beginning, thanks to the ongoing and escalating beef between two singers and reality stars, Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss.

Burruss, 42, the star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Braxton, 41, who powers “Braxton Family Values, had collaborated when they went out on the Great Xscape tour last year.  On “Celebrity Big Brother,” however, the two have been firing off on each other. That’s partially due to the fact the estranged friends are forced to be in close proximity to one another all day due to the rules of the show’s competition.

When the two tried to come together on the latest episode to reconcile their beef, things only degenerated and Braxton broke down sobbing afterward.

Burruss is trying to win “Celebrity Big Brother” and she needs an ally, which would naturally seem to be Braxton since she’s the only one Burruss knew prior to the show. Tired of the behind-the-back discussions, Burruss approaches Braxton about their past drama and things went south quickly.

Braxton directly asked Burruss: “Why wasn’t our relationship the best? Like, what did I ever do to you?”

Burruss retorted, “I never did anything to you.”

Braxton then told Burruss: “You always reacted as though I did.”

That was just the beginning as Burruss demanded to know where Braxton’s angst emanates from.

“Tell me what I did, I’m so confused?” Burruss asked pointedly with an edge in her voice.

It has been said that Braxton was upset with Burruss because of the marital drama that popped off with Braxton while she and Xscape were on tour.

“I feel like you made comments on things you didn’t know about and shouldn’t have gotten in between of. Especially when you didn’t know my side,” Braxton said to Burruss.

Braxton is irritated at alleged comments Burruss made about her estranged marriage to Vincent Herbert and her music career. In addressing Burruss, Braxton had this to say:

“The tour was horrible for me. I was having trouble in my marriage, I was having issues with my career … you personally interjected yourself into the situation by talking crazy s— about me, when you just should have said nothing.”

Check out the video below:

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