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Lifestyle » Kristyn Ivey explains how KonMari can help declutter our lives

Kristyn Ivey explains how KonMari can help declutter our lives

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Ivey

Kristyn Ivey had a lot of stuff and was trying to find a solution. She realized through a Japanese-based tidying method called KonMari, that she had to consolidate and get rid of some of this stuff. Ivey has since become a certified KonMari consultant. We discussed KonMari and how it helped her and can help others.


What is the KonMari Method? How is it tied to your company For the Love of Tidy?

The KonMari Method is a Japanese-based tidying method made famous by Marie Kondo through her bestseller, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, and popular Netflix series “Tidying Up.” The method celebrates what you choose to keep, rather than focusing on what or how much you decide to discard, donate, or sell. For the Love of Tidy, is Chicago’s first certified KonMari consultancy. I’m trained to implement this unconventional organizational style to help busy families, professionals and creative entrepreneurs let go of stuff and attract a truly abundant life.

Why did the message of KonMari resonate with you so profoundly?

I attracted KonMari into my life when I was at a crossroads. I always had an affinity for order and organization. As I confronted $300 worth of tagged clothing in my closet that didn’t spark joy, it became evident that this was no ordinary organizing technique. Exploring the first signature clutter category made me realize I was mindlessly shopping as a way to cope with the anxiety, fear, guilt and uncertainty around my choice to stick with a job that was unfulfilling for over 14 years. By the time I reached category three …, my clutter had given me the clues I had needed to move to Chicago and complete the second training seminar Marie Kondo offered in the U.S.

Talk about the tidy event and how it helps provide clarity.

It’s designed to shift your mindset and habits to yield a permanent lifestyle change. It’s all about aligning your home with your core values to become an extension of a house you honor. Clutter is often a symptom of something challenging or emotional, that is going on in your life. Therefore, the act of choosing joy helps you process everything with respect and gratitude. Practicing answering the question “Does it spark joy?” potentially thousands of times, enables you to hone your decision-making skills, attract your best life, manage significant life transitions and improve daily productivity.

What would be the most natural first step for someone to take to start this decluttering process?

The first step to tidying up actually doesn’t involve your home or any of the objects within it. I encourage those who are decluttering to start by establishing your ideal lifestyle and ideal living environment. Consider how your life would change if your home were clutter free. What do you want more or less of? How do you want your home to look and feel after your tidying event is complete? The answer to these questions grounds you when you’re making the tough decisions about what stays and what goes.