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KC Mills says balance and innovation are key when pursuing excellence

KC Mills says balance and innovation are key when pursuing excellence
Author and motivational speaker KC Mills (Photo courtesy of epiMedia Group)

KC Mills was headed down a corporate career track and appeared to have accomplished the American dream as a working wife and mother until she discovered her passion for words. After finding the world of urban literature, Mills left her corporate job and decided to impact the world as a writer by providing women with a literary escape that offers the hope of romance and a bit of mystique.

Since committing to her new path years ago, Mills has numerous novels under her belt, is a noted speaker and the owner of a publishing company that allows her to mentor and inspire up-and-coming writers.

As a Black woman, what do you believe your superpowers to be?

One of my greatest superpowers is my capability to connect and relate to people of all walks of life while offering them a sense of comfort that permits us to come together in a genuine way. This allows me into conversations that I wouldn’t normally be considered for. That means bigger opportunities that may have normally been out of reach for a woman of color. I’m often told that my aura shines bright and has a welcoming presence, which is truly an asset. I’m also creative. My mind is full of endless possibilities that give me the ability to see life in a way that allows me to believe anything is possible.

What key skills or qualities make you unique as an African American female leader?

Time management. As an African American female leader, I’m held to a different standard. I am constantly having to prove my worth, so time management is a must. The slightest slip in time management could potentially cost me in major ways.

Another major skill set is communicating effectively. This is a huge asset for not only a businesswoman but also as a leader. … If you can’t communicate your views and understand the needs and views of your peers, then you can’t be efficient at your prospective task. Communication builds relationships, personal as well as business, which is the key to success.

I would also say being an innovator. You have to constantly consider growth and change when it comes to business. You do this by introducing new perspectives, diversity and well-thought-out approaches in innovative, creative ways. In order for others to take you seriously and to be willing to accept your guidance, you have to be open and creative.

Why is it important for women of color to lead or work in decision-making capacities?

We’re out there but often overlooked because it’s not gloried to be successful based on intelligence and class. The more positions we hold as leaders and decision-makers, the more it becomes the norm to view and respect us in those roles, allowing society to embrace what we already know — we are just as capable and qualified. The presence of women of color in these roles means that respect will come versus us having to demand it.

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