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Beyhive outraged that Omari Hardwick kissed Beyoncé twice (video)

Beyonce and Jay-Z. Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

The BeyHive was buzzing furiously last night after “Power” star Omari Hardwick planted two kisses on singer Beyoncé during a single greeting at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards.

Hardwick greeted Queen Bey, 37, and husband Jay-Z, 49, in the front row inside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Saturday, March 30. Hardwick, who famously plays Ghost on the blockbuster cable series, took a few photos with Jay-Z and then moved to kiss Beyoncé twice. He first kissed her on the cheek and hugged her before planting another kiss closer to the lips.

The BeyHive was stirred up instantly.

Beyoncé was in the building to accept the award for Entertainer of the Year at the 50th NAACP Awards. Rumor has it that Beyoncé may be pregnant with her fourth baby, and she stole the spotlight with an elegant white gown while Jay-Z contrasted her with a tailored black suit.

Bey Bey graciously accepted the award and congratulated the recent success of Academy Award-winner Regina King, NBA star LeBron James, and gave kudos to Chadwick Bozeman and Ryan Coogler, the actor and director of the all-time blockbuster Black Panther.

Beyoncé’s moving speech was hardly sufficient, however, to take her fans’ minds off Hardwick, 45, whom they blasted almost immediately on Instagram and Twitter.

“I knew something shady was about to go down when he did the thumbs up pose with Jay right before. 👍🏾 Beyoncé didn’t want them kisses from ghosts.. you better chill before you be dead in the first episode of power,” one fan said on IG.

Another commenter stated: “Bey felt so uncomfortable after that second kiss 😩I feel violated for her. I wanna fight him.🤬🤬🤬You tried my Queen with that 2nd kiss! You fine but you ain’t that fine! Count your days 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝.”

A third fan even invoked the #MeToo movement to make a point: “Stop kissing on the queen 🐝🐝🐝🐝 she wasn’t comfortable. This is why the #metoo movement is important. No matter how famous and powerful a woman is, there will always be some dusty ass inappropriate man who feels like he has the right to take your manner and generosity as an invitation to make you uncomfortable. You disrespected your wife, your children, Beyoncé and Jay Z and need to apologize.”

Others took to Twitter to denounce Hardwick as the footage of the double kiss went viral nationwide: