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Getaway driver in Nispey Hussle’s killing confesses

Eric Holder, aka Sh–y Cuz (Image source: Twitter/ @Sh–yCuz)

An aggressive statewide manhunt led to the successful capture of Nipsey Hussle‘s alleged killer Eric Holder on Tuesday afternoon, April 2, 2019. And now officers are busily questioning the woman who confessed to the media that she was the getaway driver.

The female driver, who has not been identified, claimed complete ignorance of the circumstances surrounding the killing of Hussle when she was contacted by TMZ. She spoke to the publication by phone before reportedly turning herself in to the Los Angeles Police Department to “clear” her name.

She denies she is an accomplice to murder.

The woman was tracked down after an anonymous caller tipped off TMZ. The tipster told the entertainment publication that Holder got the alleged getaway car — a 2016 white, four-door Chevy Cruze with California license plate 7RJD742 — fixed at their auto repair shop last summer. It is the same make, model and license plate number that the LAPD said was at the crime scene and that Holder, 29, got into before racing away from the Nipsey Hussle-owned Marathon Clothing Store after the killing.

Once TMZ secured the phone number and got the female on the phone, she said she had no idea why Holder requested she drive up to the plaza that houses Nipsey Hussle’s store. She also said that Holder did not say anything when he returned to the car after the shooting and they drove away. But she did confess to being the driver.

The alleged female driver reportedly gave TMZ a conflicting story about how and when she met Holder. She went on to speak to TMZ briefly before breaking off the call — but not before she said she will contact the LAPD to “clear” her name.

The Los Angeles Times and Daily Mail reported the woman did turn herself in to authorities on Tuesday, April 2.