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Rapper jailed after allegedly charging $4 million on credit to fund career

Photo: @focusmusicent via Instagram

An aspiring rapper allegedly spent millions on a credit card to fund his career. Chad “Chad Focus” Arrington was making a big name for himself on the Baltimore rap scene. But according to The Baltimore Sun, the 31-year-old rapper used his American Express card to rack up over $4 million in unauthorized purchases.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office said Chad Focus used the credit card from 2015-2018. He worked as a Search Engine Optimization specialist for several years at an unnamed company that gave him an American Express card.

Some of his purchases included concert tickets, audio equipment, and travel expenses. The indictment also says that the Chad Focus used the card to purchase a huge billboard that was featured at Times Square in New York.

He also bought followers on social media and paid to artificially increase plays on streaming services.

The FBI also believes that he allegedly forged signatures from supervisors signing off on purchases. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.