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Religion and Worship » Justin ‘I Am Justified’ Milburn ministering on the streets of Houston

Justin ‘I Am Justified’ Milburn ministering on the streets of Houston

Justin “I Am Justified” Milburn (right) baptizing Houston rapper El Deadend Redd (Image source: Cornelius Lewis for Justin “I am Justified” Ministry)

City:  Houston, Texas

House of Worship: Street Ministry

Social media handles:  @IamJustifiedMusic

Justin “I Am Justified” Milburn is not only a minister of music. He also preaches the gospel on the streets in his hometown, Houston, Texas. In pursuit of his dreams of being a  television host, Milburn dealt with mental depression. It was the dark days of depression that led him into music and ministry. His ministry has touched the lives of many celebrities, such as Houston rapper, El Deadend Redd, who was recently baptized.

When did you know that God was calling you to be a messenger of the gospel?

I believe the calling is upon all of our lives. For me, I had a sense of it but pursued other things that I thought would bring me more joy. It was not until I had a real encounter that changed my life and led me to want to help pour into the next generation.

What changed your life?

After being set free from mental depression, God gave me the gift of music, which was the key that gave me purpose. [That] led me to go out and inspire people all over that they are loved by Jesus.
What scriptures did you read to help with mental depression?
“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1).

How important is it to have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ?

It is the most important thing we could invest in here on earth. I call it a savings account that will pay for all our debt when it’s our time.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would be my mom. In spite of what comes her way, she has this never-quit-or-give-up mindset that truly inspires me.

What is your favorite story in the Bible that addresses dealing with issues? 

My favorite Bible story since I was a kid and still now is “David & Goliath” (1 Samuel 17). No matter what giants we are facing, with faith in God, we can defeat every force that is coming against our assignment and purpose.

Who is your favorite gospel artist? 

My favorite gospel artist at this moment is Toby Mac. He has a great way of creating great music, yet still engaging the culture of today.