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Beauty and Hair » Kelly Keith of Just For Me supports brand’s new natural products

Kelly Keith of Just For Me supports brand’s new natural products

Kelly Keith, vice president of marketing of premium brands at Strength of Nature/ Godrej (Photo provided)

Just For Me hair care brand has been a mainstay of the Black community for decades. Many young girls remember the days of getting their kiddie relaxers to straighten their tight curls, but it’s a new day for the brand as they are creating products aimed at natural hair. Just For Me just released its Curl Peace line that features natural ingredients like shea butter and raw honey.

Rolling out spoke with Kelly Keith, vice president of marketing for premium brands at Strength of Nature-Godrej, about the new product line and what consumers can expect from it.

What do you primarily do in your role as vice president of marketing?

My primary focus is creating brand equities, developing product innovation and keeping the consumer top of mind in all that we do. The best example of that is the new Just for Me line, Curl Peace. We wanted to create a premium line of products for kids with kinky, coily and curly hair. Creating the products, packaging design, and strategic marketing plans are all parts of my job.

What sets Just for Me apart from other hair care products?

We want to be a solution for parents and a brand that kids love. Our focus is on helping to support parents take good care of their child’s hair and making sure the child feels confident whether they wear their hair curly, kinky, coily or even straight. Giving them the newest innovation with quality ingredients [is our goal].

Tell us about the new Curl Peace line.

Curl Peace has been years in the making. Since 1992, Just for Me has been solely focused on making hair life easier for parents and their kids. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our latest offering for girls and boys with kinks, coils and curls. The line features eight products free of mineral oil, petrolatum, and parabens for easier wash days added moisture and gentle, long-lasting styles. Curl Peace is a curly hair solution specially created for busy parents looking for gentle products that make it easier to style natural hair with fewer tangles and no tears. Our formulas promote confidence in parents and kids, who know their hair will look its best.  

What was the reason for the shift from creating relaxers to natural products?

It is not a shift actually and we were one of the first brands to create products for curly textures for kids almost 10 years ago with JFM Hair Milk, then we came out with Natural Hair Nutrition. We continue to make relaxer products because there is still an audience for it. What is important for us as a company is inclusivity, and making sure we have options for all of our consumers. This is about giving parents choices and empowering them to make the best decisions for their child’s hair, whether it’s a relaxer or curl enhancer. The development of Curl Peace is about the next innovation in taking care of natural hair textures for boys and girls.