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Oprah to bring back daytime talk show?

If Oprah brings back her talk show, will BFF Gayle King join her? (Image source: Instagram – @gayleking)

Oprah Winfrey has the talk show itch again.

Arguably the greatest daytime talk show host of all time, Winfrey admits that she often yearns to bring back “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which was phenomenally successful and made her a billionaire.

The multifaceted media maven just doesn’t want to do a talk show all the time anymore.

“I would love to make that happen, let me tell you. But maybe not every day,” Winfrey told her audience while being interviewed by “ET Canada” host Cheryl Hickey in Toronto. “For 25 years, it was perfect.”

Winfrey, 65, was north of the border to promote her latest book, The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose. According to, she is donating revenue from the book to the Boys & Girls Club in her hometown of Attala County, Mississippi.

She said there are certain stimuli that trigger her hunger pangs for doing an “Oprah” show reboot. It just doesn’t happen all the time.

“The only time I missed it was during the election or when something really big happens in the news. I think, ‘Oh, gee, I wish I had a show.'”

Actually, Winfrey has her own network where she has complete freedom to conduct spur-of-the-moment, one-time talk shows, as she did after the explosive documentary Leaving Neverland and miniseries “When They See Us.”

“My path became clear the moment, I remember it actually, when I flew into Chicago,” she shared. “I thought, ‘If the show isn’t successful, then I’m going to go into advertising.'”