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The 29th annual Chosen Few Picnic was a lovefest

The 29th annual Chosen Few picnic was the place to be on July 6, 2019. The official South Side Chicago celebration sets the stage for every festival that comes after it. This year was no different. 

This picnic started out as a small gathering among friends and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It is a spiritual retreat, party and class reunion all rolled into a celebration of house music. Forty thousand strong come out every year to get lost in the trance and the rhythmic beats. 

We asked a few picnickers why The Chosen Few Picnic is so special. 

Marjorie Bien-Amié (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

“I love people coming together for the music; it’s nothing but love. I feel at home,” said Marjorie Bien-Amié. 

Angel (Photo provided by Angel LeNoir)

“The Chosen Few Picnic means so many things. It’s community. It’s church. It’s pure freedom. The Chosen Few Picnic is an expression and continuation of that tradition and celebration of those bonds. We are one family. We are love, we are family, we are music we are spirit, we are house,” said Angel LeNoir. 

The common theme over all of these years has always been love and that is why this event consistently remains a prominent marker for summertime Chi.