Martell Cognac lifestyle manager Tay Mitch brings Houston influencers together

Tay Mitch (Photo credit: Trish Lacoste)

Name: Tay Mitch

Instagram: @taymitch

Facebook: Tay Mitch

Twitter: @taymitch

City: Houston

Career: Lifestyle manager for Martell Cognac

Tay Mitch was born in the small town of Pittsburg, Texas. His life suddenly changed when his mother received a job offer that relocated their family from Pittsburg to Houston. After a period of working with rapper Kirko Bangz on promotional campaigns, Mitch became a lifestyle manager for the Martell Cognac brand.

His many achievements in the City of Houston resulted in June 4 officially being proclaimed as the “Get in the Mix with Tay Mitch Day.”

Rolling out had the opportunity to speak with Mitch regarding his career path and how he arrived at his current level of success.

What is a lifestyle manager?

A lifestyle manager is a creative mastermind who influences culture. It’s someone who brings awareness to a product or a brand. We create a lifestyle that people would like to live.

How did you train for this line of work?

It wasn’t really a training process. I got my job through social media. My experiences like that of working with Kirko Bangz and the music industry helped build my career as a lifestyle manager with Martell Cognac.

Did you always know that you wanted to be in this field?

I’ve always been marketing in some type of capacity. I believe all lifestyle managers including myself like how we do things. Social media now allows us to see that other people like how we do things.

What type of work did you do prior to becoming a lifestyle manager?

I did B2B [business-to-business] sales with Verizon, and I ran a full agency promoting nightlife.

What is the best thing about your career right now?

The ability I have to lead by example and be able to celebrate with other influencers and creatives around me on the “Get in the Mix with Tay Mitch Day.” I love being able to show people that you can create a lifestyle around what you love to do.

Who are some of the most influential people you have had the opportunity to work with as a lifestyle manager?

Quavo, Karim Lateef, Hustle Simmons, Wale and Jhené Aiko.

What advice would you give someone looking to expand their brand?

Be consistent, and be who you say you are. I’d also recommend them coming to my master class on how to utilize your social media platforms to your advantage.

What are three of your favorite songs to listen to when you aren’t working?

“Voyage to Atlantis” by Isley Brothers, “Real Big” by Nipsey Hussle” and “The City is Mine” by Jay-Z.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at work?

In Paris, I got mistaken for James Harden. I stood there for about 30 minutes explaining to many people that I am not James Harden. I still took pictures and ‘repped’ for my city, however.



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