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Community Leadership » Humbl Hustlr to host cleanup in the Vine City community of Atlanta

Humbl Hustlr to host cleanup in the Vine City community of Atlanta

photo: via Lorenzo Gordon

Lorenzo Gordon created the Humbl Hustler brand to serve as a vehicle to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, corporate 9-5 hustlers, and creative innovators. Along with its signature clothing line, the Humbl Hustler brand also works to improve communities nationwide.

On July 13, Gordon and Humbl Hustler will host its first annual community cleanup in the Vine City community in Atlanta. Gordon recently shared his vision with this publication.
What inspired the community clean-up?
The inspiration behind this clean-up was to bring African American businessmen from various industries together to connect, network with the young men from The Future CEO Nonprofit and S.Q.U.A.D Nonprofit and learn more about the history of Vine City.
Why is it important for young men to see positive male role models? 
The community cleanup is to cultivate the next generation of male leaders. I want these young men to connect, learn and get inspired by these Atlanta business owners’ journey in entrepreneurship. It’s important to curate these type of events so young boys and girls can get inspired and motivated by relatable role models they identify with.
How does Humbl Hustlr seek to give back in other ways?
I partnered with Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission to adopt the Vine City community under Humbl Hustlr. I plan to host quarterly community cleanup and bring out local businessmen and businesswomen to connect with Atlanta youth through service.

photo: via Lorenzo Gordon

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