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Jeannie Mai gives secret details of her budding relationship with Jeezy (video)

Mai said the two got acquainted on the set of “The Real” last November and that she “really got to know him after just our first date.”

She revealed that they met up at a sushi restaurant and that she realized she didn’t know his “government name” — Jay Wayne Jenkins — to confirm to the hostess that he was there waiting for her.

“Four hours later, we shut down the sushi restaurant. We had the most amazing deep talk about our greatest lessons in life, our greatest mistakes; it was super vulnerable.”

As their date concluded, she said she was afraid that he would kiss her when he put his hand on her shoulder, which she said would have been so “basic.” Instead, she said Jeezy blew her mind again.

“He looks at me, he goes, ‘Can I give you a homework assignment?’…I want you to think about the last eight hours we spent together. And think about what do you envision us doing together? What do you picture me being in your life? If this matches my notes, I will pursue you. If not, we’re cool to be friends,” she said as her co-hosts and audience both melted.

Mai added jokingly that she needed a cigarette after that intense intellectual exchange.

Check out Mai glowing as she recounts their first months together.

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