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Keisha Nicole is all smiles when it comes to lending her voice to the community

Keisha Nicole (Photo provided by Keisha Nicole)

Be it her contagious laugh or luminous smile, Los Angeles native, Keisha Nicole is the one they’re talking about when they say they can “see her through the radio.” Her humble beginnings at the legendary radio station, KDAY, paved the way for her quick ascent up the industry ladder. From intern to receptionist, to HR assistant, and ultimately on-air personality, Nicole’s exuberant personality and unrelenting work ethic have served her well.

Through stints that included Louisville and Indianapolis, she has made a home in Houston with a community that adores her.

As the midday host on 97.9 The Box in H-Town, Keisha brings it each and every day. For her trouble, she’s landed several television opportunities and developed her own media platform, Under The Influence. Nicole took some time away from the mic to drop some industry knowledge on us in an exclusive interview.

How do you create the perfect music experience?
Know your audience. When I broadcast, I embody the voice of the city. I enter a market, quickly assess the demographic, adapt to the listeners, and embrace the community.

How did you come up with your DJ name?
I worked under or with Adrian Scott [the program director at KDAY who] made me change my name from “KQuick” to Keisha Nicole and I’m forever grateful. The first time I cracked the mic at KDAY, he ran in the studio and made me change my name. He asked my middle name and said go by my first and middle. He was the first PD I actually worked under as a personality. Click here to continue.

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