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Business » Nicki Minaj fans celebrate her earning more than Cardi B on ‘Forbes’ list

Nicki Minaj fans celebrate her earning more than Cardi B on ‘Forbes’ list

Cardi B (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Many people were surprised that femcee Nicki Minaj hauled in a bigger bag than her counterpart – some say arch-nemesis – Cardi B despite the fact that Cardi seemingly had a much more successful year with singles, albums, awards and concert appearances.

In fact, Minaj, 36, recently announced that she is taking a moratorium from the music game in order to start a family with her soon-to-be husband, Kenneth Petty. So how could she have stacked more paper than Cardi, 26, who is like the energizer bunny as she performs at one festival and concert after another nonstop?

Minaj fans could not wait to gloat to Cardi disciples on social media when Forbes magazine ranked Nicki Minaj as the top-ranked female rap earner for the 2019 fiscal year. Minaj’s take for the year was $29 million, good for 12th place overall, while Cardi landed right behind her rival with a $28 million take and good for 13th place.

Kanye West, by the way, was the top wage earner from June 2018 to June 2019, according to Forbes, with a $150 million take which surprisingly put him ahead of Jay-Z for the first time as Hov earned around $81 mill.

It got super petty on Black Twitter as the fans of both took shots at the other with the latest Forbes list of top rap wage earners.