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Why Tyler Perry represents the historic power of Black success in Atlanta

Decades after Jackson’s reign, Atlanta became the epicenter of music and entertainment as a new class of young artists and entrepreneurs earned wealth.

But even with the success of Black business owners, Atlanta continues to be a city with a high rate of income inequality. The 30310 zip code, the location of Perry’s studio, has an average household income of $44,192, according to City-Data.

Perry, who will reportedly build a shelter for trafficked youth at the site, hopes that his accomplishments will inspire people within the community.

“What I want them to do, especially about being here in this neighborhood, is to see that it’s tangible,” Perry said during our interview. “You can touch it, because something about exposure once you see it, you realize that could really happen. And that’s the thing that I want people to get. If you could just see it, touch it and feel it, you know that you can do it too.”

Click here to watch the full interview with Tyler Perry.

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