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Cassie opens up about getting married while pregnant

Cassie Ventura (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Cassie didn’t want to be a pregnant bride.

The “Me & U” hitmaker  — who is due to give birth to her baby girl in December — tied the knot with Alex Fine in Malibu last month, but she has admitted she was not “down” with walking down the aisle with a burgeoning baby bump at first because she would’ve preferred to celebrate becoming a wife by knocking back the booze.

Speaking to HATCH Collection’s HATCHLAND blog, she said: “At first, I was NOT down with the idea of being a pregnant bride!

“I dreamed of having champagne and dancing at our wedding! However, once I weighed the amount of time we would have to wait (hello, birth and breastfeeding), I realized what I cared about was being his wife and our family, not about whether I was pregnant or not at our wedding.

“In the end, we had a beautiful intimate ceremony on a bluff overlooking Malibu during sunset. Everything was perfect.”

The 33-year-old singer was “over the moon” when she found out she was pregnant — even though she and Alex hadn’t “planned” to fall so quickly.

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