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Teenage entrepreneur Lexi P creates Curlanista to inspire girls to be bosses

Teenage entrepreneur Lexi P creates Curlanista to inspire girls to be bosses
Lexi P (Photo by Creative Soul)

Lexi P is a hair care entrepreneur, author, independent publisher and motivational speaker. The 14-year-old is the CEO of Curlanista, a natural hair care brand.

In August 2019, she launched her Curlanista BOSS Network, a youth entrepreneurial program dedicated to nurturing 1,000 young beauty moguls under the brand. She is an advocate for building self-confidence and empowering teens to find self-esteem through natural beauty. Lexi is the author of The Ice Cream Talk: Loving The Skin You’re In and the widely popular Curly Girls Love Your Curls.

We spoke with Lexi about her businesses, her passion and her mission.

What inspired you to create Curlanista?

There are so many things that inspired me to create the Curlanista brand. The first thing that really inspired me to start was my love to help others. I was bullied about my hair and hated it. I literally damaged my hair by sneaking to straighten it every day. I thought if I had straight hair the bullies would leave me alone. But thanks to the encouragement of my family, watching lots of YouTube hair tutorials and reminding myself that I am beautiful just the way God made me, I began to embrace my natural curls and learned to love them. For this reason, I wanted to build the Curlanista brand to help other girls going through what I went through to not only love who they are but [also] to know that what other people say doesn’t matter.

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