Corporate dropout Charlene Sanders becomes an entrepreneur

Corporate dropout Charlene Sanders becomes an entrepreneur
Photo provided by Charlene L. Sanders

Charlene L. Sanders is a lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY. As a self-professed former corporate misfit, now proud corporate dropout, she has become obsessed with understanding “the meaning of work.” This has led her to creating a community of mentors or safe space for aspiring and emerging entrepreneur leaders to learn, grow, and thrive.

As Sanders continues to make powerful moves in business, we asked her about her journey and her Eventual Entrepreneur initiatives.

What is the mission of your project?

The mission of Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY is to create the ultimate co-operative of doers, thinkers, creators and founders, all with the common goal of helping one another win. Our primary focus is on individuals who choose entrepreneurship as a profession. The one requirement is that you are serious about moving your agenda forward. Ideas are good. Connecting is better. Action is best. Our three types of membership are Friend of Entrepreneurs, the Professional Side Hustler and the Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

How would you describe the value of your movement to those individuals who are able to participate?

The value of this community is immense, in that we accept members right where you are. Whether you’re in the ideation phase, or you have launched your project, or [are] relaunching, we don’t base your value and contribution on perceived influence, number of followers or branded content. We want to help lifestyle entrepreneurs create a life by design. To that end, we’re focused on three metrics: 1) build your resilience to pursue your version of a fulfilled life as a thriving entrepreneur; 2) increase your confidence to navigate the journey, while; 3) providing the necessary tools, resources and community to get it done. Our focus is not on how you start a business, but how you get to the finish line.

Describe your three best leadership characteristics and how you add to the culture of your movement.

What makes Eventual Entrepreneur AKADEMY special and unique, is we intentionally cultivate entrepreneur leaders — change agents and standouts within your niche or industry who also have a goal of giving back and bringing others along. While I believe my superpower to be empowerment, my three best leadership characteristics are accountability, authenticity and empathy.

Share two reasons collaboration with others creates universal value?

Collaboration, in my estimation, is a critical ingredient for success because we tend to go further… faster. Secondly, in my experience, you typically have much better results than attempting to go it alone. It is a part of our human DNA to be a part of a village or tribe where everyone plays a particular role and has their special expertise but no one can get it all done themselves. Collaboration shines a brighter light on your expertise. It doesn’t diminish it.

Sanders will be providing an opportunity to expand your village and offer you a seat at the table as she hosts an empowerment seminar, She’s Worthy: empowHERed to empowHER on Thursday, Nov. 14. To register, visit

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